The Ninth Post or in base 2 it’s the 1001th post

This is the week before my vacation and holy cow, am I looking forward to it. A whole week of nothing but X-Box, writing and generally hanging out at home – it’s what I was made for. I’m more looking forward to the idea of being alone for long stretches of time. Let’s all face it; I’m not really that much of a social person. The most meaningful interactions I’ve had have been mostly online with any magnolia in an oozy hovel… and honestly, ever since the show went off the air, that place has gone downhill. The ethereal cygnet seems to vacillate between “We need to do something”… and never really follows up, or “screw it, I’m shutting this thing down” and everyone will get upset.

Well – to the woman who would glance at the ether yet, I will say this: put up or shut up. You complain that no one does anything? Well, more than likely it’s because when someone does something, no one gives a rat’s ass. I wrote something that’s rather good, but I haven’t finished it yet because no one asks about it. We had a round Robin and no one cares. The people I want to hear from the group, I have their email addresses so I don’t need to go through the group to talk to them. Her tenant legacy is the very definition of a fanatic: someone who redoubles their efforts while losing sight of their goal. I don’t understand people like that – then again, if you ask me, it all went downhill when the founder left. Enough of that – what was I talking about originally?

Vacation. Yes – I have some plans for it. Might even take myself out to lunch at Olive Garden, but I can’t spend too much because I am going to get a new lap top so I can start to familiarize myself with Windows 7 and have something else to play with. So far, I have a desktop for general computing, the net-top is for strictly writing projects. The laptop will more than likely become the road game version of the PC – a couple of games, some word processing programs and maybe some movies that I’ve ripped and loaded. Might even have a recording device if I can ever find a recorder that will work for me and my gosh awful voice.

Anyone have any good suggestions for movies to watch while I’m on vacation? I’m going to go see “Jackass” as a guilty pleasure, but I want to see more than one film over the course of the weeks. I’m also going to try very hard to use this time to foster some decent work habits as far as both writing and working out – I’ve probably said that before, but this time I mean it (probably said that before too). I’m going so far as to tweet my results. When that starts (more than likely this Friday) I will give up my twitter account name here.

Well, other than that, there is nothing of interest here going on. Maybe next time, I’ll wax geekily poetic about my love affair of keypads and pens.

Yeah – that’ll bring the crowds.


Until net we meet, Gentle Reader

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