The Fifteenth Blog – The one where I curse Sci-Fi’s existence

As I sit here, I see that Sci-Fi has picked up the rights to re-broadcast “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”. *Sigh* This is the same channel that killed “Caprica” but continues to show wrestling shows. At the risk of sounding like any other fanboy – this doesn’t make any real sense other than trying to get some quick cash. A quick solution to a long term problem, but it’s like putting a band-aid on a severed artery – there are a lot of better things to do about that other than stand around and say ‘please don’t drip on the rug’. Am I going to watch? Of course! There were some episodes that I missed when FOX aired it (not happy about that either – but at least it’s on the air), so I have a chance to see it before I run out and get the DVD series. I am not expecting anything else from Sci-Fi than a quick run to be followed by disappointment. On a different note – The Science Channel is going to host “Firefly” – it would be nice to see it on the TV again… but I already have the series on DVD.

On other things, I am trying to work on a stock portfolio to get some more time here at home working on writing (which, now that I have some inspiration about grocery stores, I can get through to the end of the chapter at least) and get my name out there. Work continues to drive me to drink and I store it up for the weekend. I learned my lesson from a few Fridays ago – no more than 2 cups, but at least I’m now trying to work on a blog to review absinthe. Time to make the alcoholism work for me! Other than watching the money I made swirl down the drain on the stock market and trying to get worked up to write and not worked up to yell at the top athlete pope and the he hen. Good times. Good times. This weekend (since I get paid), I think I am going to go see “Black Swan”. I’m a fan of Aronofsky and “Pi” is one of my favorite films (and I hate math, just to let you know).

So far, I am still waiting for a call back from one of the other company who has a cad who sorts by fingertips. I should hear something close to the middle of next month. I didn’t do very well on the interview truth to be told, and truth to be told – this is a lateral move more than anything else. It’s just that where I am now drives me crazy to do the most basic things at times. I’m hoping that where I am looking to will have a simpler way of things.

Now, on to a private grief: dishes. I have done the dishes every day this week and 95% of the month. When I signed on to help out with the dishes, it was because the pork in the treetop needed to hook a bee for study. No problem – I don’t mind helping, but I mind being taken advantage of in this manner. I am working more hours than the beekeeper, and frankly, my work is far more stressful. I would just like to see the beekeeper pull the weight every now and then. That’s all – make the offer. That’s what the beekeeper talks to me about.

Tonight, after dishes and some gaming, I am going to hit the gym and if there is some time left over – I should write. I need to drink some clear water and listen to the moon again. I’ve got the scene in my head, I’m just worried that the character will be seen not as a woman who is trying to cope with extraordinary circumstances, but as a whiny girl over her head. But that’s what editing is for. I just think it’s a good scene. I need to really focus on what’s important to me and my sanity right now. I am in a place where I don’t want to be (again) and I need to keep my head clear to get out.

Easier said than done in the end.


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