The Seventeenth Post: The One Where I Tell You I’m All Better Now and Desperately Grin…

Sorry if the last one might have made you, dear Reader (all two of you), a little on edge… and especially for that very long gap in between. I assure you that the gap was not the result of hospitalization or a significantly long bender. Let this be a lesson – either find something you like to do and go after it with everything, or just get used to suffering. Kids, if you apply yourself at college, you can get easy jobs. So, while I am on vacation (and it dwindles so rapidly), I thought I would try to get back into this whole blogging thing again.

So… anything interesting happen while I was gone? Nothing? OK.

Today, I’m going to run off to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Holy cow, does it look good. Sure, I’m a sucker for great special effects (and it’s WETA, so they’re going to deliver), but the story behind it looks compelling to me, which is far better than any whiz-bang special effects (are you listening Wachowski brothers?). There is something to be said for good storytelling… and caffeine. I need some caffeine. You know that feeling – the weight on your limbs, the drift of your consciousness and attention into the Sargasso Sea of exhaustion. That’s better… and now for the daily reminder: I don’t have a problem.
I can’t quit when I want.
Headaches are temporary.

Oh – another thing that’s happened to me. I’ve signed up for Amazon’s publishing, which means I can actually publish something that I finish – more incentive to get things published. It’s a great time to be a writer, ladies and gentlemen.

There is really nothing else to say. I’m just waiting for my favorite shows to come back, trying to reduce the number of shows and movies in the DVR (down to 60%! I should watch ‘Victim’, something I recorded on 8/31/2010) while trying to work on a project… or two. I have cut back on my X-box during this week. I only played it once during this whole vacation. The rest of my time was spend watching stuff on TV, bought a bunch of books on Amazon and my Kindle, wrote some more in my novel (finished a chapter, might finish another one today!) and went out to a restaurant for lunch over the river (avoid the steak sandwich… there was a large bit of fat in mine. Eww…). Today: lunch at Qdoba, ice cream and movie. Come home and play some X-Box if I have time and treat myself to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and dessert. Come back home and maybe watch Victim on the DVR to get it out. If I’m still awake at that point, maybe finish up the chapter. I know, I know – I have a horrible work ethic, but in my defense: I work a lot better if I’m not stressed. My most productive day? Monday. My least: Wednesday when I was obsessing with why I wasn’t further along than I wanted to be. So – I’m just going to not worry about this (the writing. The end of my vacation? Hangs over me like a vulture with a knife and fork) and let whatever happens happen.

I wish you luck in your endeavors, Dear Reader. I am off to shower.


Ever Yours, Dear Reader

Seething With Apathy



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