The Twenty-Third Post… The One with the Camera-Shy Monster and a Cup of Milk

Well, apparently I had a shy monster standing on the window screen. It wasn’t there this morning, so apparently my taking a picture of it reminded it of the paparazzi so it’s fled. More than likely, it’s holed up in a tower wearing tissue boxes on its feet (a lot them) and ordering a repeat showing of “Eight Legged Freaks” on the local channels… which would explain why there is nothing but “Eight Legged Freaks” on TV.

Right now, it’s Saturday and it’s just me, a glass of milk and “Jennifer’s Body”. I’m trying to finish off another chapter in a novel, but the words aren’t just coming out the way they normally do. So, I thought I would try making a blog entry today and see what would happen. I might end up playing some Left 4 Dead 2 today and just chill out. Next Thursday I’m going to be able to get the anthology edited – which I am now calling “Four Bits and a Dollar” (yours for only $1.50! I get 70% of it, 65% from Nook!). If everything works out, I should be getting some downloads by the middle of the next months. I’m also going to try to use Kickstarter in order to help pay for the novel editing. I think $2000 is good enough for an editor, might be even a little high for the editor I’m using (who will be a much vaunted ‘double shout-out’). I think the reward should be a mention in the post script or author’s notes. Good Lord, that sounds so bad, but hey – I need money to do this. I need to think like a business person.

But that’s later.

Right now, it’s bad movies, documentaries and deli night… and preseason-football. I am recording a preseason game (I like the inflow ebb of the game, the groin smashing? Not so much) tonight and tomorrow – so I got to clear out a little more space. Not a bad problem, but I can only watch certain things at certain hours. All in all – I like what’s happening here with me. I can finally get things together and start writing professionally. I just wish there were certain people here to see it happen, but hey – I should have moved faster, right?

Oh – another good thing about this publication – Tattoo! I don’t know what to get, since I’m doing the anthology. Since I’m charging $1.50, I was thinking about having the picture of a saint holding out a dollar and two quarters – or maybe an angel with the saying ‘deliver me from evil’. I might have to ask around. Could be a ghost holding a dollar… could be my cat with two quarters in its paws. Don’t know – might poll for some ideas. Well, I got another idea for something. So, I am off to scribble something.

Sleep well, Gentle Reader



Seething Apathy

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