The Twenty-Seventh Post: The One Where Shout-Out Anticipation Rears Its Ugly Head…

I’ve finally hit the 17K mark in my novel, still mired in Chapter Two, but I am optimistic that I’ll get back into the investigation soon enough… or I’ll just switch to another project. Who knows? I’m more worried that my small spit of an anthology isn’t going to see the light again. The short stories that I have put into it are from an earlier anthology that winks at a punk who succeeds in pulling the rug over my eyes firmly. Not that I am bitter about that particular experience – it did teach me that I can’t rely on a fleabag who won’t dive to the hilt – which is a good lesson for all. If you want to do something right, do it yourself. Too bad the people I talk to at work don’t seem to appreciate that message. So, PayPal pretends to not have the cash, which means I still can’t pay the editor – who is going to get a shout-out in the next blog entry.

Anyhow, I have made a decision about this particular blog – not only is going to be a rather therapeutic diary for me (since no one reads it anyway, I can say what’s really on my fractured little mind at times), I am going to use it to get the word out to some of the gaming companies out there, or to at least their fans that they need to hire me as a writer and soon before my prices skyrocket. Right now, I am a cheap date at $11.50/hr. – far less than I make at work. If everything goes well and my modest Sally Field moment is true, I am going to take my case out here on the blog. I am going to write something for a prospective client – a novella featuring their properties, with all the required legalize to say that I am not trying to get any sort of copyright infringement action started up. I have one idea for a company that I can’t wait to get down on a word processor, but I need to get the background materials first and make sure that everything can work out according to the rules set forward in their books. I will keep you up to date on this as events unfold and books are shipped to me.

Other than that – there is nothing terribly new to report. Managed to stumble into work an hour early… and you’d think that since I volunteered to do this, they would have re-done my breaks and lunch to reflect the new time. Nope. I still had to take my breaks at the usual time: late. At least tomorrow I can go back to a regular late schedule and come home later… and be off on Wednesday. I’m hoping to get a lot more done tomorrow evening as far as getting more work done on the novel. If I manage to do 2K more words tomorrow night, I might treat myself to a movie I have stored on my DVR. I should watch “Victim” since I’ve had it for a year now. Maybe I can knock out two films – “Victim” and “Renaissance” should go. “Renaissance” looks wonderful – black and white rotoscoping. I hope the story can hold up to the effects.

Well, I should wrap up here and call it a night. Tomorrow – the Shout-Outs!

Good night to you, Dear Reader


Seething With Apathy.

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