The Thirty-Sixth Post: The One Where I Yell “Dead Man Walking” In My Best Georgian Drawl

Well – at this point, I would link something from YouTube with someone saying “Dead Man Walking” – but for some odd reason, the link function won’t work. Worked the last time I used it – not that long ago. Oh, well – that pales in the idea that I am going to have to go back to work on Tuesday. Heck, hell and hoolies – this was a fast week. Of course, I know why it was fast… I was enjoying myself. Waking up when I wanted, going to sleep when I was tired… bliss. On the up side, I only have to work Tuesday through Friday, and take the next Monday off. I get Thanksgiving off, and I only really have to work one full week – the last week of the month, which should be somewhat slow.

Anyways – I had mentioned in a previous posting that I was going to take my book down from $1.50 to free just to get some sort of traction. Well… as it ends up, I can’t do that. I can reduce it to 99 cents (did you know there is no cent symbol anywhere in Windows?), but I can’t make it free. Interesting… but at least I’ve gotten one additional sale so far. I told some friends of mine in the AHS and I think one person has bought it. Hey, each sale brings me closer of actually having a profit.

If I seem a little flighty, it’s because I am going to stay up rather late tonight to finish off the show Ringer on my DVR and try to squeeze in a movie. I need that space on my DVR. I was down to 70% from 95% last Monday – quite a feat since I got caught up on Homeland, Boardwalk Empire and watched Darkness (not a good movie). If I can get through Ringer and watch Tangled and Nikita, maybe throw in another movie for giggles – I should get down to 50%, and work on the other series (NCIS, Unforgettable) on the weekend.

As far as the other novel goes – a delightful cram session got up to average. Seriously, I re-did the opening and now everything flows better and I can even have an ‘incident’ on the first page gets everything moving. Feels great! I think this is going to be one of my rare ‘one-shot’ novels. No sprawling universe, no sequels – just one story to entertain you all for a few hours. I don’t want to get any more into it than I already have for fear of giving away too much, but you’re going to love it! I swear.

There is also another neat thing coming down the pipe – Halo’s 10th anniversary edition is coming out next Tuesday, and yes – I am going to have my copy on that great day. Once I get Halo 2, Halo 3 (if that wasn’t stolen) and Halo Wars – I am going to play each one in order. It’ll be nice to see the whole story unfold from the beginning – from Halo: Reach to Halo 3: ODST. Good times – for me at least.

Well, I have one thing left to try in order to try to fix my Office problem. If that doesn’t work, then this computer will be just for writing and I’ll use my net top for blogging.

That’s all I have for now, Good Reader. Sleep well.



Seething With Apathy

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