The Three Hundred Eighteenth Post: The One Where I Try to Find My Plastic Glow-In-The-Dark Fangs…

Hello, everyone!  As I am getting ready to get this vampire story fleshed out, I’ve talked about the protagonist a little, but now I want to look at the antagonist.  I’ve called in a vampire, but that’s only because I want to get myself (or the reader) into a certain mindset about the character.  And what is that mindset you ask?

That this guy is mad, bad and dangerous to know.  Much like Lord Byron.

Earlier on, I explained that I wanted to bring back the menace and danger to vampires.  There is a lot we can still do with this particular archetype that doesn’t have to be limited to just sex (although as Stephen King points out in Danse Macabre — that’s what they’re there for), but it can be for any sort of lust.  Lust for money?  Sure — you ever seen a poor vampire?  Lust for power?  Have you ever seen a vampire worry about his voice not being heard in city hall?  Vampires are the spirits of lust given form and substance.  Sex is picked because it’s the most primal and the one that almost everyone can identify with.

I don’t want to call them vampires, though.  That word still has a lot of baggage to it.  Yeah, i said that I wanted to use the word vampire to put myself in a mindset, but I don’t want that word to be used  in the manuscript.  I don’t want my protagonist to suddenly jump up and yell “BLOODY HELL!  YOU’RE A VAMPIRE!

That is not going to help matters.

So, I’m going to call them vampires, but I am going to give them a couple of traditional weaknesses so that the reader can begin to pick up on things, but still leave it open to the reader should they choose to not believe that a bloodsucking fiend from hell could be a bit on the ornery side.

Well, I’m starting to feel a little mentally fuzzy, so I am going to make it an early evening here.  When I come back tomorrow, I’ll get back to the character of the antagonist and maybe think of some ways he can be a mentor to the protagonist and some ways he can be a jerk to him.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good day.


Seething Apathy


The Three Hundred Seventeenth Post: The One Where I Realize I’m an Idiot and Have to Fix a *Lot* of Posts…

Hey — did you know that the word ‘and’ when written with numbers — like…say…the title of a wildly popular writer’s blog — that the ‘and’ means a decimal?  Like…say if I mention that this post before this one was the Three Hundred and Sixteenth Post, it would be written out in numbers like this: 300.16.  Which would be cool if it were say… my income from writing for the month.  Not cool for listing off how many blog posts I’ve done so far.

Math.  Numbers.  From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee.

Speaking of stabbing — I’ve been working fairly consistently with the current project “Lard of Love”, but the story is starting to take a life of its own.  I was really trying to keep everything neat and tidy, but now I’m still not to the first date, and I’m almost halfway through the word count (was going to be a prim and proper 55K when it finished, but now it’s at 35K, sitting on the couch and demanding wheelbarrows of Twinkies).  I’m not upset or shouting at my screen for the characters to get on with it, but this is what would happen if I didn’t have some sort of outline.  Of course, all of this is for naught because the daily word count is what matters and that I have stuck to self-imposed deadline of finishing this novel by the end of June so I can get to my next and currently the one I am really jazzed up about.

Speaking of getting jazzed up — I did mention I was going to talk a little about the protagonist for the vampire idea I had…but there’s really nothing new for me to reveal.  He is going to be a slightly squishy hero, because he needs to rise to face the Evil before him…but in the beginning, the protagonist and antagonist are going to be friends…maybe even have the antagonist start out as a mentor figure.  I am not sure about adding in a love interest.  I am personally getting fatigued with the idea that the hero needs to a girl threatened to jar him into action.  Or a guy.  I’m just trying to find some other reason for our intrepid hero to face someone who would probably get into chainsaws if he would just give them a chance.  I’ll toss it around in my head for a couple of days.  We’ll see what happens.

Speaking of running a joke into the ground…I should actually head off to bed.  I’m getting better at writing every day, and I want to be fresh(-ish) for the morning.  Hence why my ‘office’ is a Starbucks.  Free Wi-fi and relatively inexpensive coffee is the quicked way to my heart.

Good night, everyone.  As always, thanks for reading and feel free to check out the offerings on the right, and the bitcoin tip jar.  I am trying to get something set up with PayPal.  I might have to stretch the truth and say that this blog is for charity.

The nuns at Our Lady of Mercy would be so proud of me.


Seething Apathy