The Three Hundred and Twenty-Seventh Blog: The One Where I Gush Over Fan Art!

Hello, everyone! Now, you may be seeing this update and thinking: “Oh, no! It’s the Heat Death of The Universe! I just pre-ordered my ‘Guardians of the Galaxy, vol: 2’ tickets and there are no refunds!” Relax…you can still see the movie. I’m here just to post a couple of things. One of them is an update of sorts, and the other is (admittedly) a little bit of pride on my part.

First: I am now half-way through one of my fantasy projects: Unbound. This is the official title, since this is the title I’ve been referring to when I talk about the project for the past three months. Ask others how fickle I am with naming anything: book titles, characters…anything. I’ve changed a character name three times and I haven’t even started the outline. Am I neurotic? Yes. That is besides the point.

Better thing ahead — first piece of fan art from Bindi!

She’s got an Etsy page, and I encourage everyone one to go take a look and get something. She’s an outstanding artist who deserves a little love.

As I said earlier, I’m plunging ahead through the half-way point on one project and I’m maybe a third of the way through on another fantasy book that takes place in the same world (considering a minor crossover incident in both books just for trivia’s sakedid I mention that?).  The one thing that’s been holding me back a little bit is that I’ve had to completely re-tool the world (believe it or not, it’s the same world that Rhona is from just a few hundred years in the future), and that changed a lot of the other characters in the book.

I can’t help it. I always tinker with things. Sometimes, it’s for the best. I think the changes I’ve made will make for a far more engaging story (y’know…when I finish it). The other story is almost set, I just have to link a couple more set pieces and maybe get a little better on description (have I mentioned the elevator pitch? ‘The Wizard of Oz fights Legion for the spirit of a Steampunk L’Amour setting). It’s a rough draft, but I try to hammer out such things early on.

In professional developmental news, I am heading to a writer’s conference in Bowling Green. I’m not going to be selling anything there (not until I finish another novel), but I am hoping to make some connections, learn a few things and get out of my little bubble for a few hours. Being an anxious person, this is one of those: “love it/whimpering in the corner” sort of affairs. I can put on my best face and go forward. I did take some theatre in high school…but I always played old men, though. Meh.

Well, I think I’ve said all the things I need to say here. Please check out Bindi’s page, and the links to the right of books being sold by dear friends, as well as my own. Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from everyone soon, and maybe even write a follow-up post before I die.


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