My Twelfth Blog Entry

I’m hoping that I am keeping track of my posting numbers. Next week is Thanksgiving – one of the few times of the year that I get to cook. Some would ask why I don’t do more cooking – simple – I don’t have enough time to make the dishes I want to make. I want to make a big meal – meat, starches, vegetables and a tasty dessert. I’m doing something similar to that Thursday with the turkey casserole, Hawaiian rolls, cranberry sauce and apple pie for dessert. I’m thinking of food because I’m hungry. I should grab something. Hang on. OK – I feel better now. Love Pringles.

I got my ‘birthday gift’ of a new laptop – a big ole ASUS. This is the only blog I have loaded into it, if only because I am bad at remembering passwords. This laptop is here to give me some glimpse into Windows 7 (and it’s such a cold place) and frankly, it’s a toy. My Frankenputer is good, but there have been issues with some of the software I have on it. My writing net-top is being only used for writing (of which I have done little), but it’s in such an unfortunate location, when I write on it, I have to take up half the doorway which makes it hard for my inky cyan fin and her news habits… which means I can only use it to write when she’s not here… which is not all that often. Then again, I have such a lousy work habit anyways; it all washes out in the end.

Enough about writing. That’s for the other blog. This is my private blog, Dead Reader.

So, with this blog, I am going to say this: if you drink the distillate of a certain plant for relaxation, there is a really good one that’s named for an infamous spy. Has a wonderful hint of cinnamon in the mix. Regrettably, it’s an old recipe, so I don’t know if it’s going to be there for much longer. I’ll have to see if the other recipe that they have still carried that hint of cinnamon. Really good. Might have some tomorrow – well, technically today, but after I sleep. I drifted off while I was watching college football – not my favorite thing, but it made some others happy. Thankfully, I didn’t snore. I am looking forward to the coming holiday season, if only for the wedding cookies (I hate weddings, but I like the cookies) and the coffee. Not a huge fan of some of the other things (near-crippling depression) that this season brings, but I have my plans set for that days ahead – getting horror films for Christmas. That is something I can’t wait for.

Well, I’m starting to get a little sleepy, so I think I am going to sign off for tonight. Hope your days are better than mine in this season of dimness.




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