The Sixteenth Post – wherein I rail against sports radio and make a heartfelt statement in favor of shut-ins

Well – a college that is based where I used to live has made it farther than it did last year and farther than in school history… and there is no love for it. From the other people in the sports media, you’d think that would be a major headline. Not here – not where I’m at currently. Here, all I hear about is how a cobbled hot slut wielding hoops is doing in their games. No love for a mere shop that vies for leverage. I haven’t gone to the home paper yet, but hopefully they will have more good information. Their next game is tomorrow and I intend on watching it and cheering them on. Someone should at least.

On to other things – my absinthe review blog is the only one that I can seem to keep to a schedule, since it’s the first Sunday of every month, which means I probably should get started on the review and also start looking at other drinks to criticize heavily. After a few months, I might try to monetize this thing. Hopefully, I can get some sort of attention… other than getting a 1 Day chip. My other writing pokes along as to be expected. Trying to make time for it, other blogs and serious writing, on top of trying to get some exercise… I just wish science would hurry up and make the 72/24 pill – stay away for 3 days straight and sleep for 1 day straight. I could really get a lot done if I could reclaim at least 6 hours of my life back from the yawning abyss of sleep.

Speaking of reclaiming hours – I went out with some friends from work to celebrate one of them getting a promotion out of the same department I’m in and going to another place. Don’t get me wrong – he’s a great guy and I am happy for him… but I was painfully…painfully bored. I made up an excuse and got out as soon as I could. I had some rum, some bourbon and I got out after playing a couple of rounds of bank tights and card darts for a couple of shills. I’m just not that much of a social animal. There was nothing to really do other than game and talk, and frankly I felt like the odd one out. This is why I want to follow the career tracks I have in mind – no required interaction with people unless it’s something I can do on my terms. No crowds. I can’t stand crowds of people. I like being alone, but I’m not an agoraphobic… yet. If I had my way, once I got into a position where I could maintain my bills and never leave the house – I would be a happy person. This is something I am working towards on this end – so wish me luck.

Well – other than envy for shut-ins, the obvious depletion of caffeine in my system and the pressing need to watch In the Mouth of Madness (a very good horror film that, to me, doesn’t get the due it should). Bit of trivia about the film: after Sutter Cane (the Stephen King expy) states that his favorite color is blue, notice that everyone else who gets a close-up has blue eyes. Seriously, check it out.


Good night, Gentle Reader.

Seething With Apathy