The One Hundred and Fourth Post: The One Where I Impatiently Wait To Get Work Over With…

Got another couple days off this month for reason which you should know by now. If not, go back and re-read the last few days – it will become obvious. I mean, really obvious after the posts from last week. Enough of that – yesterday, I found a book that I am going to get just because I like the premise: the book is called Unwind, it’s an interesting idea and I could see that taking place – along with the premise behind Coma. It’s almost like cannibalism, but without the social taboos, and like anything else – I would love to see how a society like that would function if a person is considered worth more as constituent parts rather than a complete whole. I’ve always wanted to see other parts of societies whenever I see a really good movie or read a really good book, see what constitutes ‘fun’ or get an idea of what else is happening beyond the immediate threats: what’s a popular band? Who won the Oscar (or nearest equivalent)? Is my favorite football team losing in other realities as well as this one? I have to know. One game that really scratched that itch for me was 2nd edition Shadowrun. Some of the books they came out with not only dealt with new rules or equipment, but how the society looked and acted ‘off-screen’ as it were. I remember one sourcebook going into detail about the NBA in the Awakened Age, and even having TV programming from one of the countries inside the North American Continent. I love that sort of stuff!

Now as far the progressing/regressing novel, I am tempted to do this: finish the one scene, pad the other and call it a day to send it off to my more-than-patient-soon-to-be-suffering-editor. There are two whole chapters I know I am going to have to re-write, so I don’t know if it’s a case of ‘send it to the editor when done and politely request that she see if the two chapters make an sort of sense with the additions‘ or ‘rewrite the two chapters and get that done since you know if has to be done anyway‘. Advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

Now, on to more free-floating work on I/O Error – now, I read an article that explains quantum computing and that they would use a chlorine-based medium as the computing agent. So, I was wondering if different substances would generate different sorts of computing skills. In solid state computing (like your computer) they ‘dope’ silicon with other chemicals in order to give it varying levels of conductivity and resistance and create transistors. I was thinking that in making a quantum computer, different computing mediums give different responses – some responses that can’t be readily explained away by the medium having a greater ability to bump electrons to a higher state or a different spin when voltage is applied. I’ll have to look a little more into this, but it could explain Gail’s predicament with the spooky kids.

Well, if I am going to get anything done, I should send this off and get crackin’. Hope y’all have a good day.



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