The One Hundred and Sixty-Seventh Post: Zombies! Blogging! Lunacy!

The last time, I recommended the show, today I recommend the podcast. It’s one of the better show related podcasts that I’ve listened to (given that the show is still going… sorry ‘Awake podcast’) in a while. They keep up to date with news in the show and entertain listener’s e-mail without being snarky. All in all, this is one of the better podcasts I listen to on a regular basis.

Well, the chapter has ended and I am getting ready to start the second chapter for re-writes. This chapter should be a little slower than the previous one, with this one there is going to be more conflict and we get to see that the Scholars aren’t just swords a-flashin’ and a-stabbin’. There should be one more re-written chapter and a little tweaking of the following chapter – thus ending the main set of re-writes. I’ll send it off to my editor and my beta readers for a final look-over to make some changes and call it done. Celebrations will be had, bail will be paid and work on I/O Error will resume. I am confident that I will have the novel’s final draft finished by month’s end and eyeing an end of July formal release into the wild. I am going to shoot for an October release for I/O Error with Valentina’s Feast coming out hopefully for St. Valentine’s Day. Hopefully with those three books out, I can start to make enough income to either reduce my hours at work or even quit. I think I can take one more year there (provided I’m not fired in the meantime).

I had a wireless keyboard, but I had to let it go. It was dying and not sending all the letters I was typing. I changed the batteries, reset the connection a couple of times and there was no joy. So, I gently set it to the side and got out the original keyboard for the PC. I have to admit – I like the feel of these keys. Yeah, I am weird that way. I like my keys to feel and sound a certain way when I hit them, just like I use only one pen when I write (you’re welcome Pilot Pen – since Pentel killed my favorite.) on paper. Yes, I am picky about the pens in my hands and the keyboard under my fingertips. Sadly, I can only find my pens at one location, so I am going to have to start hording them soon. I don’t have a problem. Not at all.

I am going to do something over the next few days. Since I got the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, I have been considering watching the episodes again and making some commentaries about them. I love the cartoon and I am trying to sharpen my critical writing skills a little. If I have to do something like this, I should do it with something that I love. I might do it once a week – Saturday seems appropriate. I am going to finish off the series (given my speed, the first review might be this Saturday) and start the reviews.

Well, I need to write, shower and trudge off to work. Hope y’all have a good day.


Seething With Apathy

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