The One Hundred and Seventy-Second Post: The One Where I Celebrate Something…

Well, I finally finished the biggest part of the re-write for the novel – I finished re-writing the three chapters… well… I got through the most of it, but I am not happy with the ending of the chapter (which I threw together as my laptop said it was going to quit). I am just happy to have gotten through the meat of it and everything else should be fairly straightforward. Chopping sentences here, swapping words there and I should I be finished within the week… I swear. I am limping along to the end of this. Last Saturday I went to the Louisville Science Center to see the Vital Exhibit. $20.00 and you can play ‘Spot the Necrophile’ in about a space a little larger than my house. Not exactly a great value if you came for just that exhibit, but if you wandered about the rest of the center like I did, it was a good day. The Vital exhibit was a very visceral cautionary tale of eating right, exercise and not smoking. Fortunately for me, I had seen some of those things before in medical dictionaries I would read for fun when I was growing up. Yes, I had odd reading habits when I was little.

I’m linking this here, since it looks frightfully helpful. It’s a series of links for writers. I just found it on reddit and I thought that this would be worth passing along to everyone else. I’ve been working on more of another ghost story in my head called (for now) Out, Out Brief Candle. I don’t want to give out more details than that it takes a couple of my favorite things: ghosts and post-apocalypse. This is going to be the next thing after I/O Error and continuing the ghost universe (?) that works through Night of Life, I/O Error and Out, Out Brief Candle. Yeah, there are some things I am carry over from one to another – hopefully this will all work out. Stephen King did this with his Dark Tower series and actually there is a webpage that links all of his works together, unfortunately, I don’t have it handy. It’s something that you could sit down for a few hours to see some of the links between some works that you’d think would have nothing between them. Makes me wonder of he did this on purpose from the very beginning, or this came later on.

Wow, I need some caffeine. I stayed up last night after the game and watched a show called “Ultimate Soldier Challenge”. Yeah, as much as I don’t like reality shows – I do like ones about the military. I pass it off as research (and some of it is), but it’s interesting that I see some of the same people in different shows. Anyways – my love affair with Apple TV grows with every show. I am considering getting a Roku just to see if I can get some shows that I am missing from Apple (‘Person of Interest’, I’m looking at you).

OK – enough commercials. Caffeine time.


Hope you have a good day.


Seething Apathy

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