The Two Hundred and Seventieth Post: The One Where I Giggle With Excitement…

At my current pace, I can finish the outline for Cat, Rabbit and Clover by the end of next week, which means I would have finished one outline on time (shocked, I know) and ready to start on the text by the beginning of April. I am excited on this because one: Hey! I kept to a resolution! And two: Hey! A new novel is coming! With any luck, I’ll have this done by end of June and out maybe by September. Hopefully, I can get this out and maybe use it to buoy the other two books. I am not ditching Unbound, I am trying to get that finished by the end of March (fingers crossed), but if I can’t get to that point, I am prepared to set it aside for Cat, Rabbit and Clover, just because it is shorter and actually looks to be a little more paying. No slight against Tyro of course, but I have to look this as a business. I want Tyro to be the best product, so I’m willing to bench her for a while.

Speaking of Tyro, I’m at another breather scene – now they’ve made it to the town and they can stay there for a length of time before having to escape the hunter. I’m starting to wonder if I am falling into the pattern of wham-breather-wham-breather and should try to do something to shake it up a little bit. Maybe I should try with the newer novel, since the outline for Tyro is pretty set in stone. Just as long as I finish these two novels at least and finish the outline for I/O Error and get to work on horror and try to find that one genre I’m good at, or at least the one I am successful.

I haven’t watched much TV lately, I watched an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and I still like it. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I have Hulu Plus and Netflix, so I don’t have to worry about having something recorded over. I’m going to play hooky for the Olympics if I don’t get those days off, but other than that I just don’t watch TV. Sure, I’ll catch football games on Sunday and the aforementioned Olympics, but other than that, it’s really just me and the PC. I’ve got a bunch of series that people I should watch, but…meh. Maybe I’ll get a chance after the football season. Unless I get caught up in MLS, which I have been considering, or get back into baseball (Go Nats!). I’ll just have to carve out a time for TV. Wow – that makes me sound old.

I have gotten a couple of books on photography. I am looking into that as a hobby and a way of making covers for my books on the cheap. It’s not that hard, but wow – it’s costly, so I am going to get the basics down with my meager point and click camera first (composition, lighting, etc.). I’ve always had an interest in the visual arts, but I never thought I would be good at it just because I suck at drawing. This is just going to be a test and maybe it’ll be a hobby – I seriously doubt I’m going to be hanging in someone’s gallery anytime soon. Lurking? Yes. Hanging? No.

Well, I’ve got to get to the novel, so I bid you all adieu and I hope to hear from you soon, either through the comments section or drop me a direct line. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good rest of the day.



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