The Two Hundred and Eightieth Post: The One Where I Don’t Talk About Vampires For Five Whole Minutes!

Hello, everyone – I’m not going to chat about the vampire story, I’ve hit a bit of a rough spot, so I’m going to let my mind chew at that for a few minutes. Tyro will be the next project – I should get that one finished – and after that, I might turn back to horror with either I/O Error or go for something a little more out there like Out, Out Brief Candle…but I think that one is going to require a bit of a road trip. Thankfully, I have Google, so I can do it on the cheap.

As far as Cat, Rabbit and Clover goes, I am still creeping closer to finishing out the chapter and the act with the interview and the good news that the main character has been hired. I’m just trying my best to get across the levels of discomfort when he can’t do the whammy. This all goes back to the whole “show, don’t tell”, so I am trying to come up with new ways to say that his stomach hurts and he can’t sleep. Sadly, this is something that I can relate to with this character. I have to admit, reflecting back on this is making my stomach a little squirrely – so all you method writers, this is how you do it. The story is coming along nicely, even if I am no longer really following the outline I wrote down earlier. I took today off because I had to care of some things and frankly the last two days were rather hard as far as everything outside of writing goes, so I treated myself to a nice chicken sub and a couple of gift cards that will be plunged into Barnes and Noble on Sunday (are they still around? I still have a Nook, but the poor thing has been neglected since I got the Kindle Fire), which is still my off-day even if there is no football. However, Saturdays are going to be a half day of writing now that MLS and MLB are in full swing. I am trying to cultivate some other sports interests other than football and Olympics.

In writing the novel, I am stretching myself out in writing in first person. I might put in a blurb here just to get some reactions. It’s harder than I thought, since I’m trying to really stick to the character and his view point. It’s different than doing third person limited, since with third person, I can write somewhat outside of the character and show (not tell) more information about the character’s thoughts on the matter before them in the page. With first person, I have to stay very, very limited. It is a lot like acting in that I have to develop the character and a lot like acting – I don’t think I’m doing a good job. We will see however when the book is finished and out there in the wild.

Well, as I am writing this at work, I will need to wrap it up and get back to the job. Thank you for reading. I hope that I haven’t bored you to tears with this. Thank you for reading and supporting. Have a good day.



Seething Apathy

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