The Two Hundred and Ninety-Second Post: The One Where I Try To Wrap It All Up…

OK, when last we left our group, Rhona was dancing and playing and Anya was drinking and try to remember where she had seen the one who was giving her a hate-filled look.  She considers walking up to him and asking what’s his beef, but before she can walk over to the table, Rhona comes in and sweeps her away to dance.  She balks a little, but Rhona’s charms woo her over and she starte to dance along…with Skein’s Glow assisting in the dancing (and by assisting, we mean making her look a little more graceful that what she really is).  Anya ties to heed the cloak’s advice and have some fun.  Dancing between the table and the floor to get some drink, Anya sees that the bodyguards and the incoming students are gone.  There is something about this that doesn’t strike Anya as being good.  Before she can investigate, Rhona draws her back into the center of the dance, much to the admiration of the other dancers (like I said, Skein’s Glow is helping out a great deal).

A few more draughts of wine, ale and mead to boot and Anya and her blushing bride are heading towards the part of town that eats mostly with inns.  Here, the innkeepers are a little more aggressive at how they get people to occupy their rooms.  One such person spies the bracelets that the couple are wearing and invites them in for the honeymoon suite.  Anya reaches into her coin purse and takes out several gold coins.  The innkeeper takes the coins and guides them up to the room.  It’s nice as far the view — overlooking the farmlands and vineyards beyond the borders of the city of Ozur-Soren.  Anya doesn’t take in the view that much.  She just sits down on the bed (a nice one by the way) and tries to take off the jacket.  Rhona takes it all in and turns around to face her new wife. Anya is shaking and trying her best to hold something back.  She sits down next to the Scholar and asks hire what’s wrong.

“How can you be happy?  What are we going to do for money?”  Anya’s fears come to light.mmshes on a path with no clear direction either to or fro.  For the first time in her life she has no hard and fast rule to go by.  Rhona sits down and puts her arm around Anya’s shoulder to comfort her.  Leaning in she tells Anya that she has no idea where to go or what to do beyond have breakfast, but she trusts that the spirits of the woods, water and wind will not deliver her to more harm than she can bear at once.  She also points out that they have two of The Regalia.  As long as they are with them, there is nothing that they need to fear.  Not hunger, not thirst and certainly not boredom.  Anya agrees and is ashamed for her little freak-out.  Rhona smiles and says that there is one way she can make it up to her.

Cut to the next morning.  Anya walks down the stairs after dressing in plain clothes.  She asks the innkeeper if there is a place that sells rolls and cheese.  The innkeeper directs her to his cousin who is one of the best bakers in the city.  She starts out the door, the stops and heads back up to get her weapons.  Creeping in, she grabs her things and puts on a modest vest and some better leggings.  Skein’s Glow asks to come along and Anya nixes the idea.  She’s in Ozur-Soren and she’s hardly unarmed, even if she can’t get the blades free of th scabbard.  Dressing in something a little better than underclothes, she heads out to the marketplace.

I’m going to have to end it here.  It’s late for me and I still have to get up in the morning to work on the current project.  I’ll try to finish the whole thing up tomorrow.  I know this seems a little bad bones, but it’s helping out in the planning process.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far, and I look forward to entertaining you tomorrow.


Seething Apathy

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