The Two Hundred and Ninety-Fifth Post: The Post-Fourth After Action Report!

Hello, everyone!  I hope everyone had a good three day weekend.  I didn’t do much in terms of writing over the course of the weekend, but I did get to go see Terminator: Genesys.  

Wow — if you’re a fan of the franchise (like me) this film has everything.  It continues the story quite well and there are some genuinely funny moments in the film (still can’t get that smile right…).  There are some great callbacks to both films and while yes there is a big reveal that’s killed by the trailers (seriously, guys? A running time of 126 minutes and you pick those?), there is still enough surprises in the movie.  Oh, stick around after the credits for an additional scene that is going to lead into the next movie.  It’s in the top five movies of the summer for me, knocking Avengers: Age of Ultron from a very close second to an even closer third.  Mad Max: Fury Road remains on the top for me.  There are still a bunch of movies I want to see like Spy and Inside Out.  Those might be coming up for me in a couple of weeks.

Like I said earlier, there was no writing on the weekend for the holiday.  I am kinda chomping at the bit to get something started again, which is why this blog entry is a little late.  We’re still at the wainwright’s, but the axle is getting fitte in the wagon, so our main character will be off to see his cousin and get more swill to charge up and sell to others.  As any good writer (and me) will say that a scene needs to advance the plot, show us something about the character or their environment.  This scene is going to show that poor Ehren is estranged from both family and polite society.  With the scene with the wainwright, we see that Ehren is not a complete jerk.  He does grab some food to help with the scurvy and rickets ridden boy (Vimala wants him to do more…might rhyme with schmidschmapping), and gives up some of his food for him (if I’m lucky, I can write that scene today).  This little rule is useful to bring in when you start editing.  Of course, this rule must be used ruthlessly, and I try to use it early so I can kill my darling scene before they’re committed to paper.  Like ripping off a band-aid rather than easing it off, it better that way.

I apologize for this entry being late.  I was working on the aforementioned novel before I realized I didn’t have anything ready, so this will be a little short.  I will have more to say tomorrow.

Until then…


Seething Apathy

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