The Two Hundred and Ninety-Seventh Post: The One Where I Re-Discover Simple Reading…

Hello, all — I didn’t do any writing today because I got THIS!  The final book in the Dexter series!  if you have not read this series, you are missing out on the best reading series out there…and I am somewhat hard to please.  Don’t let the negative comments about how the TV series ended keep you from enjoying this.  Yes — Season One and Book One were very similar, but they diverge for Book Two and Season Two (if you’re a fan of the series, I’d stop after the season with Colin Hanks).  I think the books are better because we really get inside Dexter’s head and how he sees the world and himself. Not to take away from Michael C. Hall’s performance, but just because of the strictures of the medium, we only get but so much.

I pre-ordered the book through Amazon, so it showed up in my Kindle the next morning.  I didn’t even bother to pack my iPad for writing at work because I knew I would be wolfing this down.  Seriously — I’m about halfway through it and it weighs in at 306 pages.  Reading this should be mandatory for anyone looking for a good example of First Person Narrative. For me, I got to indulge in just reading for fun.  Too often I find myself reading and making little mental notes about turn of phrase, or how a plot develops.  Interesting story — one time my Mom punished me by taking away TV for a month.  Ha — joke’s on her, I read the whole time and loved it.  I don’t even remember what the punishment was for.

Anyhow, enough about the book.  Nothing else got done today for obvious reasons, so I’ll just have to work harder tomorrow and get Ehren, OIsin and Vimala out of the wainwright’s and back on the open road.  I am going to stick to my goal of getting this book out the door by year’s end.  Hopefully, I can finish the text by September and spend the rest of the time editing and not take Nanowrimo this year seriously (not dropping out completely, but if I don’t finish then it’s not the end of the world for me).  I just need to buckle down again and get back into the swing of things.  After I finish this chapter and try to kill this mosquito.

Well, the day is beginning to weigh down on me, so I am going to try to bring this blog to a speed close.  Tomorrow, I’ll throw down my 1,700 words and maybe reward myself with another chapter.    Actually, another thing I need to do is to try to find a Bitcoin shopping card and try to sell some side stories from friends on this site.  Certainly can’t hurt, given that Bitcoin is jumping up to $270.00 today from $220.00 four months ago.

Have a good day, everyone.  I’ll be curled up on the couch reading about Dashing and Enduranced Dexter.


Seething Apathy

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