The Three Hundred and Thirty-First Post: The One Where I Try Really Hard to Maintain a Schedule!

I was going to try to continue writing my treatment for “God Loves, Man Kills”, but I can’t really come up with anything else. So, I erased it (I might get back to it) and almost launched into a rant about the lack of single books in fantasy, but I’m not really ready for that. I know that I need to maintain the schedule of something every Thursday. Don’t ask me about the cards – I’ve read ahead and they get rather dark. I might look for some other prompts. I can see why they were called “Hemingway Cards”. I almost expect to take out a card and read: “Pick your favorite way to kill yourself.” 

So – with that in mind, I am going to talk about something that you might not think I follow. 


I bought some at when it was at $5,000 and now it’s at $11,000. I’m going to double my investment from $50.00 to $110.00. I didn’t invest much, but it is nice to see a small gamble pay off a little. I’m not selling now, but I am trying to buy very little at this point. I know the bubble is going to pop soon, and when it does, I will hopefully have some money to buy more coin and sell it when high. I am a writer, not a good speculator. My stock portfolio will attest to it. There’s more red in it than a Crayola factory on fire. 

I’ve heard that the series “Chernobyl” is good, and I wonder if there will be any other attempts to mine Gen X nostalgia for stories. I think I know how my parents felt when they saw remakes of their series and movies. I wouldn’t mind a series based on the Challenger disaster. Hubris killed those astronauts. I mean – history now has become tearing down our idols, right? 

I hope you will forgive me rambling, but this is more about trying to maintain my schedule. In the rush and excitement of going to the Mall of America, I forgot to write a second posting to cover this week. 

The Mall of America. Holy cow. Is that place huge! On one of the walls is a series of statistics and one of them is that one lap around the mall is about 1.15 miles. Yes. Miles. I walked around each floor and I walked to the mall from my hotel. I walked 4.25 miles in one day. I walked more in two days (2.30 on the second day) than I have the whole month. Ouch…but I recommend going there. Shops for almost every taste – three different candy shops and a dealership. Yes. A Mercedes-Benz dealership. If I had the money, I could have had the ultimate souvenir: a sports car. 

One last thing: the final series of the show Legion is out. Thank god it has not lost any of its quirky weirdness, Go see it if you get the chance, It’s great. 

Well, I promise to write something a little more focused for next time. Thank you for your attention, and now I have to finish this screwdriver and make lunches for tomorrow. Good night, all. 

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