The Three Hundred and Thirty-Sixth Blog: The One Where I Glorify Insomnia as the Solution to a Work-Life Imbalance!

Of course not! I have 32 hours of things to do in just 24 (minus at least six hours for sleep if I’m lucky). I don’t think anyone has any semblance of good work-life balance, be you a chemist, mother or scribbling desperately writer. Sure, I do tend to shoot myself in the foot often (like now for example – I’ll reddit later…after this page…really) and I could get more productive if I just applied some discipline.


The ideal work-life balance would be this: I work more in the evenings at my dreaded day job (shout-out for my own work) and do more writing in the mornings and early afternoons when I am awake and firing on all cylinders. I have more energy in the morning and my mind seems a lot clearer then as opposed to the later afternoon and early evening when I finally get home from the mail room and all I want to do is watch Critical Role, irradiate my dinner and go to bed. I know that should get some writing done when I get home, while I have the energy to do so. Instead, I succumb to bad habits.

I know I should break myself of these rusting chains. I’m not going to get anything done the longer I slump on the couch and watch Mercer and Co.  It’s just…the old saying ‘you can lead a horse to water, you just can’t make him drink’ is very spot on with me. Yes, I can come in hear as soon as I walk through the door, plop down in my chair and tell myself that for the next hour, I am not leaving here until I crank out at least five hundred words.

Which makes me cruise the cat pictures on reddit that much harder. Yes, even to myself, I am a contrarian prick.

Back to the ideal work-life balance. I never minded doing my work at night. I am a night owl – as much as I now like being away during a majority of the day, but if I had my druthers, I would like to do my work during the night and have those few precious hours when the world is asleep to really write somewhat undisturbed. As the world begins the long process of waking up, I’m closing my bedroom curtains and settling down. That would be nice.

Too bad the meth-heads and the construction down in the alley would keep me awake for the day. As much as I love the schedule, it would be impractical. So, I guess that I’ll just have to settle down, prioritize things and get back to writing rather than Top 10 weapons you can farm in Borderlands 2 or another YouTube offering.

Well – that’s all for this card. I’ll probably do another one and then chat about the latest wave of the MCU. I heard who the antagonist is going to be for the Black Panther sequel, and some questions I have for the movie.

Thank you for stopping by, and feel free to donate some coffee (speaking of working third shift) to my kofi account or buy one of the books I have on the right-hand side of the screen. They’re good and cheap.

Take, care now.

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