The Three Hundred and Forty-fourth Post: The One Where I Finally Write About Plant Whoppers and My Second Most Anticipated Movie of the Year!

I have accomplished two goals: I’ve had the “Impossible Whopper” and saw Joker in the theater.

I am going to do a deeper dive in Joker a little later, because I don’t want to spoil anything. A week should be long enough to wait, right? Don’t worry, I’ll put up a spoiler warning in case you’re reading the blog and haven’t gotten to a theater yet. But first…

It’s impossible that Whopper was made from plants or plant material. It has the same taste and texture as their regular Whoppers – even the charred parts have the same feeling on the tongue. It’s a little but pricier than the regular Whopper, but at least you’re getting something that’s worthwhile to eat. Granted, this is the second time that I had vegetarian burgers (that I know of, see previous post), so sample pool is very limited.

I’m going to buy some vegetarian burgers late on in the week. I still have some good old-fashioned meat burgers in the freezer that I need to use first. After that, it’s going to be plant burgers for a couple of weeks just to see. Whether or not I feel anything different is up for debate. If anyone reading this has had experience with vegetarian burgers, or vegetarian eating in general and wants to chime in on what to expect or what changes occurred please do so through this blog. I’ll respond as soon as I can.

Note to all the cow farmers: I’m not eliminating red meat, just trying new things. Relax. All is well.

On to Joker.

This is a movie that makes you think – as all good movies should. This is Joachim Phoenix’s next Oscar film and it should give the comic book movie genre much more gravitas. I want to say more about it, but I also don’t want to give anything away (until next week).

This is part of new DC comic movie franchise called DC Black, which is (if this movie is any sort of hint) going to be not a part of the regular DC continuity. It’s going to be a series of smaller, but more serious and darker films. More character study than big name team-ups. If Joker is going to be their typical fare, then this production line is the worthy opponent to the MCU.

There have been some to say that this movie is too violent, or that this will add fuel to the fire that is the incel movement. Honestly – there is no more violence in this movie than the typical action film. In fact, there are only three scenes that stand out in my mind that are violent, and only one of those three is rather graphic. If you can sit through any of the squickier scenes in one of the Saw films, you can handle Joker. As far as this film being the siren song for the incels…well, if you make of someone and belittle them and poke them long enough, they’re going to poke back. If this film isn’t the catalyst, and at the time of writing this there are zero Joker related incidents reported, then something else will or won’t be. If you’re worried that a movie is going to trigger a riot among the lower castes of society, that says more about you than what you fear.

Well, I think that’s all for now. Feel free to drop a line about veggie patties, or your views on the movie. I’ll answer back as quick as I can.

Have a good day.