A Movie. A Day. A Year. Day 14: Trust Me

Yeah…watching Christine wasn’t the best thing. As much as I have grown to loathe the phrase ‘trigger warning, it is appropriate to have one for that movie. So in the spirit of forging forward, I picked the comedy Trust Me starring Clark Gregg of MCU fame.

When it comes to picking things, I am horrible. This explains why I’ve never won the Powerball.

Remember when I reviewed Don’t Think Twice and I mentioned the classical definition of comedy? Trust Me barely even covers that. This movie looks more like a contractual obligation than anything that can be considered heart-warming, funny or even entertain-able.

The big draw here is Clark Gregg, who is front and center on the promo pictures. I have the feeling that this movie was released shortly after Gregg’s turn in the MCU, hoping to get some second or third hand financial blow-back. Blow-back is right because this movie is not funny, and I can’t even repeat that enough to induce semantic satiation.

This is a bare, unflinching look at one man’s efforts trying to do good in the most predatory place on the planet: Hollywood. Checking it out on imdb.com, I see that he wrote, directed and starred in it.


With the star talent he managed to get together (Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy and Sam Rockwell), you’d think this film would have been…better. I found myself watching this movie and waiting for some sort of punchline, rather than some Brazil-esque ending that didn’t really match the tone of the film. To he honest, I don’t think the film knew what sort of tone it was going for.

I can’t say a whole lot about it because there wasn’t a whole lot to it. I still have to question why Apple would put this up as a comedy, I still need to question who greenlit this when there is a whole list of films stuck in Development Hell that are more deserving of a look than this.

I don’t fault Clark Gregg. I’m glad he was able to get this out there, as it’s clearly a pet project of his. I just hope that this misstep (and I am being generous) won’t rob us of any more of his talent. He nails down the charm and wit of Cary Grant effortlessly. He deserves more time on screen.

Just not like this.

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