A Movie. A Day. A Year. Day 21: It Follows

It is very rare that there is a horror movie that I watch and see subtext immediately. The first time I watch any movie, it’s for dumb enjoyment. I just want to let the movie world take me in and quiet all the nagging doubts, crippling depression and self-loathing I’ve had for so long to just be quiet. If a movie is really good, then I’ll see it again and maybe pick up on a couple of things. I’m not a film student, nor a critic. I’m just a guy who goes out and likes movies.

It Follows is a movie that not only scared me, but it really made me consider the impact that our social media driven culture has had on us – especially people of my generation who can remember a time before the Internet, Facebook and Instagram. As the saying goes: the Internet is forever. How many cringe-inducing moments are now forever? Remember that flame war you got into with that guy from Omaha? The Internet does. Remember those naked pictures your boyfriend took of you after a few too many beers? The Internet does (and thanks you for that, too).

While the proverbial ‘It’ has been discussed by the director of his film as a metaphor for STDs, and given that the ‘It’ is something that is passed along by sex until you’re dead – the main character manages to keep one step ahead of it by throwing herself at almost every guy she can find (even on a boat) certainly would make one pause before scrolling through Tinder for a hook-up.

However, I watched the movie and thought about how our online lives are following us. If someone did a dedicated enough search of things I’ve posted (even on this very site), they’re going to come upon some moments that I am not proud of. Even though the digital ‘It’ is perhaps five or six blocks away, it is coming and it is relentless. What makes this even worse is that we sign up for this. We eagerly give our name, email address and phone number to ‘It’ so that we’re not alone. We let ourselves get herded, stamped, appraised and summarily ignored and shunned for failing the ideological purity tests. What might have been way down the street is now stepping through our front door…

…and you can’t hide from it.

While there are some internal logic issues I have with the film, they don’t stand up to some wonderful set shots that will linger with you after the lights come up. The most striking scene for me is the very end. Heroine and Hero – now both befouled – walk distracted from each other down a sidewalk. In the background is an approaching figure.

This is certainly in my top five horror movies, and well worth watching.

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