The Three Hundred and Seventieth Post: The One I Could Have Sworn I Just Did…?

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late posting, but with all the political stuff and Nanowrimo going on ā€“ I almost forgot to post this today. Because Iā€™m doing this on my lunch break, I am going to have to keep it quick, and for that I must apologize.

I am doing well. No suicidal thought in three weeks (yay me!) and the Nanowrimo project continues on pace to be finished if not by November 30th, then definitely before. My diet is back on track and I hope to stick with it longer ā€“ maybe give myself the cheat day of Thanksgiving.

All in all ā€“ everything is turning good again. I hope everything does the same for you.

Next week, a longer post, I promise. I might discuss my really, really ambitions project!