Just A Quick Note…

This is the last day I have to do overtime at my Dreaded Day Job ™ and that really messes with my day and my sense of time.

I thought today was Tuesday.

I’m going to get back on a regular schedule with commenting on WandaVision and how no one is not really talking about it’s one really, really good quality. I did finish the first draft to my novel, so now begins the fun part of rewrites and hopefully haranguing someone into beta reading it for me. When that’s done, I promise to get back to Valentina’s Feast and finish that. Afterwards…maybe Agonizing Alibi Day and hopefully that will get me to September when I’ll try to do something literary to carry me to the end of the month.

I promise, I have not forgotten about any of you, my patient readers. I’ve got (admittedly) way too many irons in the fire. Monday, I am going to start whittling them down.

I pray for your indulgence just one more week.