The Five Hundred and Sixth Post: The One Where I Scramble For Something While Sitting Outside a Snow Globe…

It’s snowing where I’m at right now, and I’m at work. It looks pretty, but I also know they’re not going to let us out of work early because only one to three inches here – not really panic material. Well – not to my bosses. To the average Louisville resident here, that’s cause enough to panic buy milk, bread and bourbon.

What does this have to do with writing? Not a thing, but it’s what’s happening now.

I’m working on Valentina’s Repast after completely gutting almost all the chapters I wrote and it is coming along a lot better now. I think it was too bloated with the love story loaded into the beginning. Pushing that aside for now and working on the killings and the problems that brings up. Rather than forcing it, I am going to try to let it grow organically.

That is one of the problems I have when it comes to writing (especially romance) in that I tend to force a plot point rather than let it come up in the course of the story. Hopefully, this will be a better fit and maybe I can stick to it. I have so many ideas and blank notebooks…

This is going to be a little short because I do want to get back as I am writing a spicy scene, and Thursday kinda crept up on me. Stay warm, stay safe and I’ll have something a little more substantive in the next one!

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