The Five Hundred and Twentieth Post — The One Where I Ask What Day Is It?

Oh, wow – it’s Thursday, isn’t it? I am sorry that I don’t have anything planned for today. I’m getting over a stomach bug that knocked me out yesterday, when I should have been writing this.

My wife knows when I’m sick when I don’t talk about writing or ask where my laptop is (it’s very confusing up here and I don’t have the time or the space to keep track of everything). I did neither yesterday. I really just sat on the couch every now and then between doing laundry and dishes since it was my wife’s late day for work.

Sorry I don’t have anything good here except pace yourself when you eat Slim-Jims apparently.

I’m not going to bore or disgust you with details, but I really needed the break. According to my co-worker, I was paper white and very quiet. Also, the battery on my laptop is getting low and I don’t have my power pack with me – I forgot to plug it in last night. It’s been a loopy few days for me, and I beg to indulge upon your mercy this one time. I will have something more substantial next week when I am a little more with it.