The Four Hundred and Thirty-Second Post: The One Where I Try This Scheduling Thing All Over Again!

So – with two official projects to be working on, both of them will hopefully be paying, I am going to try to stick to some kind of schedule.

I’m not saying it can’t happen…I’m just saying look at my track record with dieting…

The plan is simple and requires no large changes from me. Weekdays, I work on The Show Must Go On. I don’t change the word count, but maybe I’ll try to squeeze in some work after I get home. On the weekends, I head to the local Starbucks plop down at a table and write out the outline for the progression fantasy series. With football season coming up, I know I’m going to need to get out of the house. On Saturdays that I have gaming group, or writer’s meetings it’s going to be afterwards (except for the gaming group when it can be before).

This is manageable in that I am still getting work done seven days a week and I’m not burning myself out on one thing. I have to admit I am on a bit of a pause as far as it comes to The Show Must Go On, so working on the outline is giving my mind a chance to figure everything out in the meantime. I’ll be out of the house, so I don’t have the distractions of everything else around me. Sure, I’ll have to do laundry on Friday night, but at least it’s out of the way, right?

I know I’ve said that I’ve got to treat this like a real business, but I had no business model or way to somehow make a steady income until I thought of the serial novel. Even then, I had no good idea that I could serialize. Now I have a long book series, and I might serialize one of my more adult ideas and see what that does. I even have a web address for it ( – right now it takes you here to my blog, but I am going to try to change that once I’m done with the horror novel). I’m finally getting my feet under me and I am going to stand up.

About time if you ask me.

Well, I just put up an ad on Facebook for The Dreaded Day Job. Let’s see if this gets me some sales. If I could get as many sales as clicks when I post a picture on Facebook under R. K. Clark, then I’d have enough to maybe get to that indie writer’s convention in Las Vegas. I should save up for that. Take a leisurely 27 hour drive to Vegas. Let me think about that.

That’s all for now. I’ve got a schedule, now all I have to do is stick to it. Yeah.

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