The Four Hundred and Thirty-Eighth Post: The One Dedicated to Whoever Said “Better Late Than Never”…

…was a writer with a blown deadline.

As it ends up, Level Four Publishing really, really wanted someone who wrote a lot like Amy Tan and a lot less like me, although I got a nice rejection form letter. So, my plans don’t change much. I’m stoill going to work on the epic fantasy series and hopefully get a book out and done soon, then plod on to the next one…assuming I’ll still have the outline for book two finished lone before I finish book one.

Book one’s outline is already getting changed although it’s in ink and sitting on a table at home. I’m adding Arrosa as a seemingly permanent character – with her own chapter introducing her and everything. Hopefully, the fake out will be enough to shock the reader and keep them reading for the rest of the novel (at least). I can’t really kill any others, and if I kill the bunnies, my wife won’t speak to me ever again. I might get away with killing Inaki…which I’ll just keep that as a fall back.

Did I mention this was going to be an ambitious series? I might end up killing everyone and having everyone replaced before the series ends. Wouldn’t that be something? I’ve never read an extended series where each of the main characters was replaced one by one at some point or another. I don’t think there is a series like that. It might be interesting, reading a series and everyone get replaced. Maybe I should try that. Hmm…

At any rate – this Saturday, I have absolutely no social obligations. I have only the excuse of laundry and buying a new wireless router to replace the one that died a week ago to keep me from writing. I’m not going to play any games, not going to watch any movies (only when I’m working out, helps to pass the time) – I’m only going to write. I’ve got to take advantage of this time and try to make up for some last ground. I think I’ll split my time between “The Kyklos Saga” and “The Show Must Go On” because they both need work. I;ve got to redo the chapter I abandoned in “The Show” because I’m not getting the main character really dig into the unhealthy obsession he’s harboring. It won’t be that hard.  With “The Kyklos Saga”, I just need to finish introducing the bunny siblings and write the chapter with Arrosa. Try to give her something of a normal childhood before she mercilessly dies. Muhahahahaha…

That’s all for now, really. Outside of ordering more fountain pens (pictures forthcoming), there’s nothing really new going on. So – feel free to look to the right for books to buy, or look down a little farther and please, please, please get me some coffee. Have a good day and take care.

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