The Four Hundred and Forty-Third Post: The One Where I Go For The Cadillac!

I’m still working on the fantasy series, but now my mind is coming up with ideas for other things left and right. I have an idea about a Southern Got novel (a tale of friendship, murder and privilege…) and a haunted house novel with a twist (the working title, and I might stick with this is: Breeder).

Even with these shiny new toys, I am trying to stay on track. It’s really hard not to act like a methed out German Shepherd chasing cars on the highway. I write notes and start some outlines, and that’s how it starts. Next thing I know, I’ve abandoned the current work for this new shiny thing.

I am trying to stay on track with this because it’s so long, and I have already put some time into it (Chapter 16 of…20? 25? Of book one of…20? Really, why can’t I do single novels?) and I am hoping to make the sunk cost fallacy work for me for a change. I am almost done with the first book, and I am bringing it to my writer’s group to get some opinions on it. I just need to finish it, but not rush the finish to get to the next book (a little less planned out sadly). I’m hoping that this series will get me some traction if I take the less traditional road of putting it up for free first, then publish it second.

But my big problem is the ideas come hot and heavy to me when I am occupied. When I’m not? Not even a dust bunny of an idea. My wife says it’s because my mind is working, so it’s not distracted by other things. I think my mind hates me at times and does this to trip me up.

Anyway – things are still going well as far as writing goes. I did take a day off to get some errands done, and I cleaned a little.

Shocking, I know.

See? Clean.

Just grinding away at books and trying to keep the muse happy – that’s my week in a nutshell. I might outline the haunted house story and work on it after the first book is done. I am going to have to research pregnancy…which is going to get me some odd looks at the book store and some interesting things on my Amazon account.

Sorry this is a little quick, but really – not much as been going on. Life of a writer and all that. Check out some stuff to the right – hope to add some new books soon. Have fun and take care.

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