The Fiftieth Post: The One Where I Celebrate That I’m Still Doing This Off And On…

OK – maybe more off than on, but hey – I’m still here, still slaving away.  What have I learned from all of this?  Blogging is hard for someone who isn’t a normally social creature.  Anagram programs have made me lazy.  I no longer tolerate the cold like I used to (I mean, it’s 52 degrees here and I’m putting on sweat pants and a t-shirt – what’s happening to me?).  I am still working on other things – I can multi-task and by multi-task I mean I can ignore several things at once.  My desk continues to get cluttered until I can’t find my notes and I clean it only have it get cluttered again.

In other words – everything is as it was and will be forever and ever grocery receipts scribbled notes and cheat codes eternal, Amen.

So – what’s new with you guys?  Nothing much with me.  Just chugging along the same road – novels to be finished, and jobs to be tolerated.  Still feeling a little sleepy – getting up every two hours doesn’t help.  Oh, something interesting is happening with this blog.  Apparently, I’m getting a ping from Indonesia… and they think I sell insurance.  Seriously, I can see where I am referred and one of those places is in Indonesia.  Hey – it’s a look.

Sorry if I seem a little out of it, as I mentioned I am going on an interrupted sleep schedule and no caffeine so far.  My job is also getting ready to start doing shift bids.  For those of you who might not know what that is, an explanation to follow:

In a call center, they have to be able to have people available during the busiest times (which they can predict with certain software.) to take calls.  Since these are fluid events, they need to be able to move people around as needed.  So, every now and then, they will put up various shifts in which they need people and tell their employees “Pick the 5 (or whatever amount they want – I worked in one place that made us pick all 35 shifts) shifts you want the most.”  Now, they settle everything out here by seniority, and if two people with the same amount of seniority, then it comes to Quality Assurance scores.  I am in the middle of the pack as it were.  However, I feel that I have a good schedule and I honestly don’t like that they’re making us do this when the simple solution is to hire more people and train them (right, for a pleasant change) and give them the underutilized times (mostly Saturdays) as their probationary period.  Before you say that training people is expensive, I will say this: that should have been anticipated.  If you want to complain about high turnover rate (out of my training class of 12 – only 3 remain), then the corporate culture needs to be addressed.  Honestly, the last call center job I had did shift bids that I hated, because I felt that spending time with friends away from work shouldn’t be an incentive.  So, with that being said, I am going to re-double my efforts to get a novel finished.  I see my current job becoming like my previous job.

So – I thank you for listening to this mild rant, and I hope to keep your attention for the next fifty posts.


Seething With Apathy