The One Hundred and Seventy-Ninth Post: The Bed-Bound and Beyond Invalid Edition!

Hello all!  As you guessed, I am not well.  In fact, if you ever remember falling down on your tailbone and that squirming, teeth-grinding pain you felt?  Remember that?  I am feeling that all day long.  The first doctor I saw (very cute) gave me a steroid pack and some pain medications.  I stayed home Monday and Tuesday to try to let some sort of healing happen.  Came back to work on Wednesday and I was in tears by the time I came home.  Left a note apologizing and went to go see my alternate doctor — still couldn’t get to see my regular doctor.  Gave him my notes and mentioned the previous doctor’s diagnosis (best use for a smart phone ever — taking notes about an illness).  He looked at everything and told me to turn around.  I obliged and started to jam his whole hand where my tailbone is.  After three small yelps, he said I had coccydynia.

Now — it was explained to me that it was like getting tennis elbow in the damnest place.  He prescribed me different pain killers and told me to check back in a week.  Well, I’m going in a little earlier because I’m afraid that I am going to run out of pain medication before the illness has passed.  Yeah — I’m a baby… but if you’ve even fallen on your tailbone, you know how bad that pain is, but you know it’s fleeting.  This ain’t — in fact some people have taken nine months to heal from this.  Yikes.

Oh, and to my employer who got us into the cut rate insurance: fuck you.  My next doctor visit isn’t going to be any cheaper and I had to raid my savings to do it.  Thankfully, the medications are cheap but I’m more concerned that there no anti-inflammatory medicines in this go-round.  Hopefully seeing actual regular doctor will get me on track for something.

Well, I am going to struggle through a shower and get ready for work.  Sorry this couldn’t be longer.



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