The First Post

All this blog is for really is just for me to put my thoughts into bits on the Internet. Every now and then, I might actually stumble and say something absolutely brilliant… but mostly it’s going to be whatever’s on my mind. One day could be rampant misogyny, the next could be a movie review and the day after that could be some political commentary. It’s a literary crap shoot, here – have fun.

Obviously, I am going to be talking about real people. Unless they’re public figures, I will use pseudonyms. I am too poor to sue… and too cute.

You may ask ‘why the title’? Well – I needed something catchy and “A Tale of Two Cities” was taken. I do have seething apathy, only towards my job – which is tech support for a medium-sized company that will be known as Tyrannical Sage Nincompoops for now. More on that subject later – I figure that this title sums up my experiences fairly well.

What are my interests? Reading, TV, Xbox and listening to music when I’m not slaving away at work; I do have other ambitions, but to reveal them would be to reveal more about me that what I wish to reveal at this time. I enjoy horror, sci-fi and fantasy in my reading lists and movie choices. It will be my intention to post a blog at least every Sunday. I write a couple of other blogs, but I will not reveal them to you, dear reader. This blog is more like a personal sounding board, unlike my other blogs.

My family? The only thing that I am going to say is that I am married – not happily at this time, but that will be the source for another post later. As far as other members of my family all I will say is that they exist, and I have happily burned my bridges between me and them. I do not regret that. Some people may not understand that – I will try to explain that. Of course, this is something I don’t understand myself at times. But, hey – there are a lot of things I don’t understand about myself. Maybe this will sort things out. Maybe not. Don’t really care – this is more of a personal mental exercise for me, unlike my two other blogs, which I hope to eventually make some sort of monetary gain from them.

As for my surroundings, I am a homeowner… well, technically, the bank owns the home, and they’re letting me live here. I am not happy about this. In my family life, I was never in a house that was owned – we always lived in apartments, moving from hither to yond. Personally, I liked it. Didn’t like where I was – we picked up stakes and moved. Of course, my mom being a serial divorcee helped matters along. I have never felt the need to keep in touch with people because I knew I would be leaving in a couple of years. The longest I have stayed was in a place that my step-father didn’t like. It put a rancid vigor in him. The second longest was where the lively skunk out lice – a rather famous place, really. I live there now, and more than likely won’t leave until I make a sizable fortune. When and if I do, rest assured, I will gleefully pack up my belongings and high tail it out of here. Maybe head north.

Well, that’s all I can think to write for now. Look to here next Sunday where I will spout off about other things.

Seething Apathy

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