The Fifth Post

I was robbed. Not in the ‘you mean I can play video games for a living?’ sense, but in the ‘some prick busted through my door and took things that did not belong to him’. My video game system was taken (and the games and the controller), not to mention some heirlooms. In the grand scheme of things, everything is replaceable (well, not the heirlooms, but they’re not mine) and the door can be fixed. What can’t be replaced immediately is my sense of well-being. My house is the only place where I feel completely safe. Every other place, I feel as if I am walking through enemy territory. I get so wired for combat (perceived or otherwise) that when I get home, I am utterly spent. That’s why I’m such a homebody. Out of my little circle of friends, I only have three people that I trust to come in: The hatch maid with no fins and representatives. Thanks to my signature liquor – I am doing a lot better now.

At least I got a day off out of it. On Saturday, they’re going to replace the broken door. My other writing has suffered a little, but I can be back on the saddle soon. I just need to get over the overwhelming desire to find this person and do things to him that would make the Marquis de Sade flinch. Now I feel drunk. So, I am afraid that this particular post will come to an end soon – other than what’s happened, there is nothing new here. I promise to write a longer piece when I have something better to expound upon.


Seething With Apathy

My Fourth Post

I hate overtime. My employer, who enjoys copycats who strangle inopportune champions, tells us that we’re going to have mandatory overtime this week (worked today 10:30-2:30) and that we’ll have the new hires out this coming week to help pick up the slack. Fine. I can live with that. Then they call for optional overtime for next week. I thought that having the new hires on the floor was to help keep us out of overtime. This is the big reason why I want leave this job – the higher-ups will say one thing, but do something else. They tell us that it’s all about a single call solution, but they still worry about calls in queue – which tells me that they are worried about call times and the such. If you’re going to lie to me, at least don’t insult my intelligence in the process.

Well – I haven’t been writing much, mostly from overtime, but some from my wife who feels the need to talk aloud. My PC doesn’t have a decent sound driver for headphones, so when she talks, I get distracted. Oh, did I mention that the time of rankless poofters and gathering bloodstains is approaching? Yeah – there’s going to be some harsh words exchanged soon if she doesn’t learn to not talk so dang much. Or I get a better driver for the sound system.

Anyways – I’m watching a story about ghosts… right before I go to bed. Tee Hee.

That’s over, now I’m watching something about the Filthy Few. Sorry that I’m not very engaging today, but I’m tired and I think all the caffeine I’ve had today is wearing off, and I still need to finish the laundry. Did I mention that I hate overtime?


Good night all. I’m going to see “The Other Guys” tomorrow – I might do a mini-update about the movie tomorrow.


The Third Post

I hate overtime. I really do. The money’s not even worth it (19.50/hr, but for only 10 hours) to make it a worthwhile investment of my time, which I could be using to work out at the gym, or to work on a script or a novel. Of course, I have no choice in this (they do make it mandatory every now and then) for this coming week. At least 10 hours a week, but the head of the department sent the message last Wednesday and we have as of yet to see what the hours that need covering yet. Right now, it’s Saturday evening/Sunday morning. This is a criminally disorganized company that I work with. Personally, we’ve been having a lot of tours come through in the past couple of weeks – I think we might be bought out by another company. Hopefully, there will be a regime change and things will be a lot better… or our contacts get bought out and everything is sent to some Third World Country – and I say hi to the hasty, mightier pragmatist who’ll no doubt benefit from all of this.

I’m trying to nail down a schedule for my other two blogs and my projects. Granted, this has been a little harder than other times due (again) to the overtime. Especially my political blog, since I have to comb the news first, then bring everything together. I do have an idea for a single article to be written tomorrow. Time is such a premium (and I say this while watching a show I’ve DVR’ed – which is getting closer and closer to max with each overtime issue – can you tell I am bitter about the whole forced overtime thing? This is only one of the issues I have with my current employer.) for me and I’ve got too many things to do. I am almost considering selling an idea or two… if I wasn’t so terrified that the idea I sold ended up being the Big Idea. So, what’s a person to do? I can cheat on the work-out a little, but I shouldn’t cheat on my career anymore. So, here’s what I am going to do.

Suck it up.

Yeah – if I want to get out of this miserable job at the no pleasing, cast-iron company, I need to get something going. Even if I end up going the self-publishing route, I am going to get out of this place and do what I want to do – no more settling for safety. Of course, it could also be the lack of caffeine talking. J

On to other things – I got a new phone. Yeah – that’s the highlight of my week. Something now, bright and shiny… I am such a magpie. Got the Vibrant and I recommend it to anyone looking to get a new smart phone. Other than that – nothing is new here. Just tired, burning out and trying to keep my head above water here. Maybe I’ll get another episode finished Sunday.

Oh, since this is a relatively private blog – there is a red headed woman out there that I desperately want to invoke which fat thug should be taken outside. Wow – she’s got this great body, but the hair is amazing. Ahh – lust is my favorite sin. 😀

Well, let me finish this little movie, catch up on a webcomic, and then hit the sheets.


Take Care,

Seething With Apathy

The Second Post

Hello all. The second post, the sophomore post. I’m getting roped into working overtime at my job where I engage in sloppy, mean, satanic crooning. While they say that we are getting another training class coming through, but let’s all take a deeper look at this: the class I was in started out with 12. Out of those twelve, there are only 3 after about two years. Not exactly a work friendly attrition rate. Same thing with my previous job where I was a mist touching insomniac. Had a class larger than the one I’m at now, dropped by half when we finally hit the floor. When I left there to work where frustration ages tyrannical nincompoops, there were only three from the class remaining, again – that was after two years. I’ll be reaching my two year anniversary there in November. Wow – I wonder if two years in a customer service position is like five years in other jobs.

Believe me, it feels like it. Let me give you a bit of advice. When you pick up that phone to call about a problem and you’re thinking: I’m gonna rip this guy a new one. Do this: count to 10, relax. Why? The person on the other end knows everything about you. At both of my jobs, I had the name address and phone number of the person I was talking to on the phone. The other job, I also get social security numbers and a lot of other personal information. Not everyone is as nice as I am. In fact – I dare say that if I completely flip out, I’ve already got a list of ready-made victims. Heh-heh-heh.

Anyway. I really miss the idea of packing up and leaving. I’m watching “Masters of Horror: Pick Me Up” and I like the idea of just wandering about. I always wondered about how the characters on those shows managed food or anything like that. I like the notion of just going somewhere. Just packing up and going wherever my legs would take me. No obligations save to myself, no schedules, no callbacks.

Or maybe I am just fixated on Faruzia Balik.

An interesting idea for a book, though. Not the meanderings of Jack and the other Beat writers, just someone heading out on the road.

Well, as I write this, I am getting ready to go to sleep and wake up with the prospect of 55 ½ hours of work hanging over me like the Sword of Damocles. Take my advice, to mall my younger readers out there: find something you enjoy. Never settle for second best. Not in work, not in your love life. Never ever let yourself take the second place. When you settle once for the sake of convenience, you’ll never stop.


Seething in Apathy