The Lucky Seventh Post

Well, I have to go back to work tomorrow. My week long vacation was what I needed – a reminder that I need to get out of my job as soon as possible. I am going to make a small announcement on my other blog, but as for here – I hope this is a serious offer, which reminds me, I need to get a proposal together for the teacher site. I did get some writing done, but not on the novel project, working on the scripts instead. I like how the Q project is coming along – in spite of being started and restarted several times. My personal project has some fits and starts to it, but as soon as I get over this one hump, I’ll be OK. Also, I’ll be starting my personal political webcast today – trying to talk extemporaneously for 15 minutes (while my wife is hovering about – perfect!) about news and politics.

The process of replacing everything has begun – I got the last real Arcade from Wal-Mart – with no power supply or game and the box itself looks scuffed up. I think I can load the pictures… this is minutes after opening and trying to assemble the X-Box:

Notice – no power pack.

A close up of the Box:

Really, Wal-Mart? This very Wal-Mart?

With any luck, I can at least get a new X-Box out of this.

Addendum: was able to exchange the X-Box and get a brand new one, only had to pay the difference. Should have quibbled, but hey – new X-Box. Got a couple of new games – “Bioshock” (which can’t be read by my new X-Box… I have never had the best luck with Microsoft. I’m telling you, if I find that guy who stole my stuff, I am going to beat him to death.) and “Gears Of War” (which I am going to have to learn a brand new system of control… which means a lot of death on my part).

Well, I’m going to finish up “Destination: Truth” and go to sleep – here’s to hoping tomorrow will be somewhat sedate.

The Sixth Post

Well, I am on vacation and not due back at work until next Thursday – giving me ample enough time to write… or goof off, or whatever, just so long as I am not taking calls from people that use spent pop as a crutch. This would be better if my X-Box hadn’t been stolen, but on the lighter side, they have someone in custody. I get to go get the report from the officer on Tuesday. Hopefully, we’ll get some sort of compensation out of this… and have our stuff returned.

I’ve been steadily working on the absinthe which is a lot better than the stuff I had been drinking earlier. Hopefully, I’ll get the promised bottle from the mix-up before the end of my vacation. I would like to have the chance to compare the two tastes – one without anise and one with. I hope the anise-free one will taste better – but I use a lot of lemonade with the anise. Kinda nice at times – can get really mellow after three good glasses.

Other than that, it’s me just chilling out at home, trying to stay awake and get caught up on some of my shows. My political blog is suffering, I am going to try to use Monday as a “re-boot” day, sane with my official writer’s blog. It’s odd to feel this relaxed for several days in a row. That almost asleep feeling – pleasant, but can be a little disconcerting at times. The pressure to do something, but the complete lack of desire to do anything overwhelms me. Maybe I’m just being lazy for a change. I probably should do something.

Know what I hate? Those obnoxious genealogy commercials on TV. I spend a good part of my life trying to get away from my family. Why would I want to rush off to learn more about them? Maybe it’s me – I’ve never really understood the concept of family… or at least the positive aspects of it. Family has always been one of those abstractions I can only understand on an intellectual level. Like physics or chemistry or basketball,

Well, I think I’ve bored myself enough – now to test this microphone.