The Lucky Seventh Post

Well, I have to go back to work tomorrow. My week long vacation was what I needed – a reminder that I need to get out of my job as soon as possible. I am going to make a small announcement on my other blog, but as for here – I hope this is a serious offer, which reminds me, I need to get a proposal together for the teacher site. I did get some writing done, but not on the novel project, working on the scripts instead. I like how the Q project is coming along – in spite of being started and restarted several times. My personal project has some fits and starts to it, but as soon as I get over this one hump, I’ll be OK. Also, I’ll be starting my personal political webcast today – trying to talk extemporaneously for 15 minutes (while my wife is hovering about – perfect!) about news and politics.

The process of replacing everything has begun – I got the last real Arcade from Wal-Mart – with no power supply or game and the box itself looks scuffed up. I think I can load the pictures… this is minutes after opening and trying to assemble the X-Box:

Notice – no power pack.

A close up of the Box:

Really, Wal-Mart? This very Wal-Mart?

With any luck, I can at least get a new X-Box out of this.

Addendum: was able to exchange the X-Box and get a brand new one, only had to pay the difference. Should have quibbled, but hey – new X-Box. Got a couple of new games – “Bioshock” (which can’t be read by my new X-Box… I have never had the best luck with Microsoft. I’m telling you, if I find that guy who stole my stuff, I am going to beat him to death.) and “Gears Of War” (which I am going to have to learn a brand new system of control… which means a lot of death on my part).

Well, I’m going to finish up “Destination: Truth” and go to sleep – here’s to hoping tomorrow will be somewhat sedate.

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