The Lonely 8th Post

Wow – I haven’t been here in a while. Just to catch everyone up.

  1. I hate my job, even now more than ever
  2. I’m getting ready for NaNoWriMo – so get ready for even more uneven updates – yeah, even more uneven that this.

Well, I have a cup of absinthe (if you want an idea what it tastes like, think of black licorice) in my hand and I want to just ramble. Lucky you, lucky, lucky you. I am getting some new ideas for another novel – but I think it’s going to be a strict graphic novel.

This ends the writerly sort of things. That’s on my other blog.

I’m having some good old friends coming over to play X-Box – honestly can’t wait. I’m not a huge ‘meet and greet’ sort of person as one would think. So having two people over that I really like is a big thing for me. I’m not really a social person – not since that deprecatory tit and hump tossed me in the hay. Of course, I am pumping out a lot of money for this – I’m hoping to get some sort of return on my investment.

Anyhow – I’m trying to keep up at my other blogs, but failing miserably (as you can see). My political blog hasn’t been updated in almost a week and I think my writer blog hasn’t been worked on in twice as long. Not to mention other things. Oh, well. I know I shouldn’t have a cow over this sort of thing (there I go, showing my age), but every time I don’t do something I feel like I should be telling myself that I love my job now and I should make every plan to try to rise above the crap station that I am at now – but we all know that is a lie, is it not Good and Gentle Reader?

Well, my birthday is also coming up soon, and I am looking more towards the time off – maybe I’ll try to develop some decent work habits… or get drunk. All depends on whether or not I still have a bottle of absinthe to come home to for the week. I should send that sweet red head a bottle as I promised. I’ll do that when I get paid again and drink the one I have here. Don’t care what anyone else says – I’ll be fine.

You know, I don’t know if I’ve talked about this on other blogs – but I love absinthe. Not for the taste mind you – although this particular brand (Gold68 – you’re welcome) doesn’t have the heavy absinthe taste that the others have because it has no anise in it, which gives it its characteristic flavor. I like it because it does relax me – a major feat in itself. I don’t get uproariously drunk like I did with rum (which is coming this Christmas, I hope), I just get mellow. Really mellow. Takes three big glasses to do that (I ain’t a tiny person), but it’s nice. Might do it this Saturday for giggles—not really going out anywhere other than the gym (don’t get me started on that either!) so I can save gas until I get paid again. I hate getting paid twice a month. Then again, if I hate getting paid every two weeks, how am I going to handle getting paid every three months? Hire an accountant, I guess.

Well – that’s all for now. I promise to try to update more regularly here, or elsewhere.

Stay well, keep your head down.

Seething With Apathy

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