The Third Post

I hate overtime. I really do. The money’s not even worth it (19.50/hr, but for only 10 hours) to make it a worthwhile investment of my time, which I could be using to work out at the gym, or to work on a script or a novel. Of course, I have no choice in this (they do make it mandatory every now and then) for this coming week. At least 10 hours a week, but the head of the department sent the message last Wednesday and we have as of yet to see what the hours that need covering yet. Right now, it’s Saturday evening/Sunday morning. This is a criminally disorganized company that I work with. Personally, we’ve been having a lot of tours come through in the past couple of weeks – I think we might be bought out by another company. Hopefully, there will be a regime change and things will be a lot better… or our contacts get bought out and everything is sent to some Third World Country – and I say hi to the hasty, mightier pragmatist who’ll no doubt benefit from all of this.

I’m trying to nail down a schedule for my other two blogs and my projects. Granted, this has been a little harder than other times due (again) to the overtime. Especially my political blog, since I have to comb the news first, then bring everything together. I do have an idea for a single article to be written tomorrow. Time is such a premium (and I say this while watching a show I’ve DVR’ed – which is getting closer and closer to max with each overtime issue – can you tell I am bitter about the whole forced overtime thing? This is only one of the issues I have with my current employer.) for me and I’ve got too many things to do. I am almost considering selling an idea or two… if I wasn’t so terrified that the idea I sold ended up being the Big Idea. So, what’s a person to do? I can cheat on the work-out a little, but I shouldn’t cheat on my career anymore. So, here’s what I am going to do.

Suck it up.

Yeah – if I want to get out of this miserable job at the no pleasing, cast-iron company, I need to get something going. Even if I end up going the self-publishing route, I am going to get out of this place and do what I want to do – no more settling for safety. Of course, it could also be the lack of caffeine talking. J

On to other things – I got a new phone. Yeah – that’s the highlight of my week. Something now, bright and shiny… I am such a magpie. Got the Vibrant and I recommend it to anyone looking to get a new smart phone. Other than that – nothing is new here. Just tired, burning out and trying to keep my head above water here. Maybe I’ll get another episode finished Sunday.

Oh, since this is a relatively private blog – there is a red headed woman out there that I desperately want to invoke which fat thug should be taken outside. Wow – she’s got this great body, but the hair is amazing. Ahh – lust is my favorite sin. 😀

Well, let me finish this little movie, catch up on a webcomic, and then hit the sheets.


Take Care,

Seething With Apathy