My Fourth Post

I hate overtime. My employer, who enjoys copycats who strangle inopportune champions, tells us that we’re going to have mandatory overtime this week (worked today 10:30-2:30) and that we’ll have the new hires out this coming week to help pick up the slack. Fine. I can live with that. Then they call for optional overtime for next week. I thought that having the new hires on the floor was to help keep us out of overtime. This is the big reason why I want leave this job – the higher-ups will say one thing, but do something else. They tell us that it’s all about a single call solution, but they still worry about calls in queue – which tells me that they are worried about call times and the such. If you’re going to lie to me, at least don’t insult my intelligence in the process.

Well – I haven’t been writing much, mostly from overtime, but some from my wife who feels the need to talk aloud. My PC doesn’t have a decent sound driver for headphones, so when she talks, I get distracted. Oh, did I mention that the time of rankless poofters and gathering bloodstains is approaching? Yeah – there’s going to be some harsh words exchanged soon if she doesn’t learn to not talk so dang much. Or I get a better driver for the sound system.

Anyways – I’m watching a story about ghosts… right before I go to bed. Tee Hee.

That’s over, now I’m watching something about the Filthy Few. Sorry that I’m not very engaging today, but I’m tired and I think all the caffeine I’ve had today is wearing off, and I still need to finish the laundry. Did I mention that I hate overtime?


Good night all. I’m going to see “The Other Guys” tomorrow – I might do a mini-update about the movie tomorrow.


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