The Eighteenth Post: The One Where I Look At the Sword Hanging Over My Head and Say…

“Hurry up and drop, I have things to do.”

I have to go back to work Monday, so it’s going to be a ‘pack in enough good times now before I find myself back up to my neck in frozen waste. No, I am not looking forward to coming back to work. So, I am trying to finish something and get it sent to Hey, if that writer can write something and make $200,000, I can make a quarter of that easily. You may be asking ‘What did you do the whole week?’ Well, I wrote – finished a couple of chapter, now officially half way through, and worked on another blog entry about how I would improve certain movies. I also spent some time at the movies (Rise of the Planet of The Apes – good! Go see it.), went to the gym a couple of times, watched a couple of movies on my DVR (went from 85% to 59%). Went out to lunch (as previously documented) and just bummed around. Now, some of you might be saying ‘So, you wasted a week’ – and yes, you would be somewhat right. Also, let’s keep in mind this: I spend a minimum of 40 hours a week under a lot of pressure to get 500 things done. For eight hours a day, I have to field calls that have crept through all the stop gap measures and punch me in the ear. So, during my vacation, if I feel like watching a movie, I watch a movie. If I feel like writing, I write. While I called it a working vacation, it is still a vacation.

Also in the news, I have tried B. Nektar Mead. Mead isn’t really what I thought it would taste like. I was thing that it would be more of a honey flavor with some hints of vanilla and cinnamon (I ordered flavored mead – believe it or not, for research). Instead, I got something sweet that didn’t have a honey taste, more like a sweet wine (yes, I know that mead is basically honey wine, but that’s not my point). I don’t mind it, but it took a quite a bit to get me a slight buzz… which I blame on the absinthe. 17% alcohol by volume for the mead versus 64% for the absinthe — you be the judge. I am not going to drink anything tonight, since I am going to go to the gym later on tonight (God bless 24 Hour Fitness).

All in all, I had a good vacation, but soon it will be back to work until the first week in November, when I take off for my birthday week. I hope by then to have enough money to get my own personal birthday gift: a laptop from Alienware for gaming.


Good night, Gentle Reader. Until next we meet.


Seething Apathy