This is the Nineteenth Post: The One Where I Am Counting Down the Days to My Next Vacation… Again

Well, today was my first day back at work… and I now I remember why I need either a vacation or a change of jobs. Those of you who have jobs that you enjoy – you have no idea how blessed you are. Seriously – if you leave your job and you’re depressed about having to go home, count that as a blessing. You know the old saw: ‘if you want to see the dead come to life, be here at 5:00 pm’. Enough of my grumbling – I did manage to finish another chapter and I think the secondary character is starting to take over the novel. Jeez – not let someone have sex for… several years, and they’ll do anything to get laid. Enough about my life, though – back to the book. I have a better and more realistic goal: to have the novel finished by the end of November and to have it edited and on Amazon by the week before Christmas. With any luck, I will have a novel out there, earning money… wow – it sounds like I’m turning my daughter out on the street. I hope people like her.

Right now, I’m watching a military documentary. Yes – I enjoy watching documentaries more than I like watching scripted TV. Why, you ask? Simple – there are few really good scripted TV shows out there. I’ve been thinking about trying to write a script, but I don’t have any good ‘script’ ideas. When I write, I see everything like a movie, but I find it easier to write prose than scripts, but then again – I should try to expand my wings. I mean, this is a great time to be a writer. The tools are everywhere. Want to get published? Go to Amazon, they’ll publish it. Don’t have the program to convert the file to Amazon’s format? There’s a program for that. Want to write scripts? There are several script formatting programs – one of them is free. Want to get your script filmed? Good cameras are getting cheaper and cheaper. Actors? Dime a dozen (sorry friends). Need to get it seen – two words: You Tube. At this point, if you have a creative desire – there’s a program for that.

Speaking of which, if you know any artist types who want to draw a webcomic, drop me a line here. I have a couple of webcomic ideas I would like to see fleshed out.

Anyhow, I have so many ideas, what I am going to do is farm them out to various pseudonyms (which I am not listing here – that would break the whole idea of a quasi-anonymous blog for me to say such things as: if I have to listen to one more guy tell me “Can’t you just do something on your end?” like I’ve just been screwing around with them at the end of my day (another 18 minutes I’ll never see on my paycheck), I am going to start throwing dead bodies out the office window. On the brighter side of things – the hot weather has finally broken… well relatively speaking. It was in the upper 80’s here to whet my need for a shower and my sheerest towel. I’m not going to be happy until it’s in the lower 70’s, but that’s just me. I’m a big ole polar bear… well, a big ole hairless polar bear.

Well, Dear Reader – it is time for me to go to bed. I promise I will chat about something more prescient. Maybe baseball.


Good Reading to you, Gentle Reader,

Seething Apathy