The Forty-Second Post: The One Where I’m Going to Joy Puke My Face Off Come September

There are few games that I get genuinely excited about upon the announcement of a game, but this one hasn’t gotten me this excited since seeing the Halo: Reach trailer. In fact, when I play Halo: Reach, I still get that same little rush when I see the opening cinematic after playing it for the fiftieth time that I did when I first put it in the X-Box after getting it shortly after midnight opening day, and it was the only time that I took off of work just to play the game. I still jump when this happens. Before Halo, video games were a diversion for me – the real storytelling was when I was playing my pen and paper games. Now? I can’t wait for September for Borderlands 2 and Halo 4 is going to be like Christmas all over again because these games (especially Halo) actually advance a storyline. Games have come a long way from Pong (which I never really mastered anyways…)

On to other things – I got the main book for World of Darkness. Project: “Get White Wolf to Hire Me” is almost done. Now that I got the books, I can start putting the characters together and finish the plotting. I’m having a lot more fun with the building of the city, as I hate to say. I kinda like the game system and I think that the three best games are “Promethean: The Created”, “Changeling: The Lost” and “Geist” – the last two should have been in the old World of Darkness. Yes, this is also my Shou-Out: White Wolf Game Studio. They were far ahead of the “play a game to tell a story” curve that all the other games are desperately trying to catch up with. Support your local game company (and I have one now! Just down the street! I’ll have pictures next time) and get a game from White Wolf – or grab some of their fiction. Who knows? You might end up picking up my book.

I did go to the gym today – my schedule changed by an hour, so I am taking advantage of the new time to go to the gym. 60 minutes at 3.3 miles an hour and then straight home for dinner and try to get something written… which is why I feel so tired right now. There is little of anything else of importance to note – other than that I got assigned to my new desk over the weekend. I will try to take some before and after pictures and set them up here. I am not a fan of the new set up. It looks more like I should be ordering a sundae rather than taking someone’s call. I am not at all happy with some of these changes.

Well, dear reader – I am going to get some sleep and try to figure out a middle to one project, the end to another and how to start a third.



Seething With Apathy.

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