The Forty-Third Post: The One Where I Feel Rather Old…

Well, I got a new computer and I’ve been loading up games and other counter productive things.  I got the Steam stuff to load up OK, and I got my AD&D character generator loaded just fine.  However these two games won’t load up at all — and they are my favorite games.  Sure — I cheated after I played them through and three older games were able to work just fine, but it is the fact that I like these games and I can’t play them.  I still like pen-and-paper games, but groups are becoming harder and harder to find to play with on-line (especially finding people who like 2nd ed D&D [AD&D for everyone else] or even 3.0).  Dagnabbit.

On to other things.  As mentioned, I got a new computer that is will have nothing useful on it… until I decided to load in Microsoft Word and Screen Writer Pro.  I am still committed however for this

This is the not the productive computer you're looking for...

to be as non-productive a computer as possible.  I wonder if anyone else goes through this?  Being attached to the memory of old games, rather than ditching them for something new and improved.  Heck, I still have some old V:tM stuff that I use as a reference guide every now and then… although I have Changeling and Promethean with me, and I would love to find a decent online campaign for those (since they are also the reference books for my ongoing ‘Why I Should Write For White Wolf’ campaign) games.

But enough about games — I am going to go see “John Carter” next week since I finally have the week off (one of two planned vacation weeks, the other being during my birthday week) and personally — I don’t buy the whole ‘it’s gonna flop‘ thing.  What they consider a hit and a flop is as different as night and day.  Remember The Artist?  No one I knew had heard of that film save for one commercial… then it won the Oscar and now I can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an ad for it.  The day that Saving Private Ryan lost to Shakespeare In Love was the day that I quit watching the Oscars.

Anyway… the season finale for The Walking Dead was on, but I am going to save it for later (please, no spoilers!) so I can savor it in the quiet.  Also — next week is the season premiere of Mad Men!  This will be a great couple of weeks for avid TV watchers like myself.  I should do some stretches, I think.

As the theme for “Games Of Thrones” plays on my player (and I quiver in anticipation for the premiere in 2 weeks), I will wrap this small post by saying — watch this space for my first chapter in “Kith and Kin” now that I got the three World Of Darkness books.

Good night all, I should get to bed since I am going to be working 18 hours of overtime this week in preparation for my vacation.

Sleep well, one and all

Seething With Apathy

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