The Forty-Fourth Post: The One Where I Am Deeply Disturbed… An Odd Feeling…

OK — I am not the one to be easily disturbed.  When I was little, I wanted to be a special effects artist and I had been advised on a program to familiar myself with human anatomy.  So, with all the glee that a small child could muster, I threw myself into the study of the human body.  Even after I learned that being a special effects artist required for more talent that I had at my command, I still learned about the human body and how it looked and how it functioned.

With the advent of the Internet, I learned many more things as my curiosity went from child-eyed owl of wonder to jaded accident vulture.  I learned horrible things.  I saw the depravity of man in its rawest form.  I witnessed the honest fragility of the human form.  I read about how dark our hearts can truly be at times.  “Man is a wolf to man” and all that… but this… wow!  I can’t stomach to listen to it.  It is unearthly.

It is this.  It’s on YouTube, so it is safe for work but oh… I have no idea how you’re going to take it.  There’s been a good amount of ink spread on the subject, but I have to know what rancid, voice lusty mind got the idea to take some child and… well… do that.  Its not as if there was a manual for that sort of thing being passed around for others to read (is that right? As I am writing this, my caffeine reserves are dwindling down to nil).  Bless their soul  — as some would say — to stain the whites of their heart with such… brrr…  I need to get off this topic and on to something else… and get some more caffeine.

There — I feel better now.  As I might have mentioned elsewhere, I am on vacation.  Have been for this week and will go back next Monday.  This week, I am planning on venturing out to the movies.  If “John Carter” is still in the local cinema, I will watch it.  If you ask me, I think it was doomed from the start.  It is as if people in Hollywood wanted it to fail, like the skit in Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” with the old man saying he was fine, but Eric Idle insisting he’s dead.  I’m wondering if there was some sort of incentive for this movie to flop.  I should read the trades to see if someone had a contract was terminated.  When I come back from the movie, I will give a full review.

This Sunday is also the premiere of Season 2 of HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” — and it is a series that I heartily recommend.  If you haven’t read the books, then get right on it.  If you haven’t watched the series — do that first.  With each book (5 out of 7) over 400 pages, if you start reading now, then you should finish the current series by the time he finishes book 6.  I love the series and I will definitely read it over again once I have the complete set… now, if I can only find a way to cryogenically preserve myself so that I can be alive when the final book is released.  Yes, Mr. Martin does take a while to finish and I have no complaints as long as the quality of the series remains the same.  I am certainly not rushing him on anything… not that I could anyway.

Well, I am off to bed now, so I can sleep in and continue my days off.  Maybe I should try to do something somewhat constructive.  Stop laughing.


Good Night, Gentle Reader.



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