The Fiftieth Post: The One Where I Celebrate That I’m Still Doing This Off And On…

OK – maybe more off than on, but hey – I’m still here, still slaving away.  What have I learned from all of this?  Blogging is hard for someone who isn’t a normally social creature.  Anagram programs have made me lazy.  I no longer tolerate the cold like I used to (I mean, it’s 52 degrees here and I’m putting on sweat pants and a t-shirt – what’s happening to me?).  I am still working on other things – I can multi-task and by multi-task I mean I can ignore several things at once.  My desk continues to get cluttered until I can’t find my notes and I clean it only have it get cluttered again.

In other words – everything is as it was and will be forever and ever grocery receipts scribbled notes and cheat codes eternal, Amen.

So – what’s new with you guys?  Nothing much with me.  Just chugging along the same road – novels to be finished, and jobs to be tolerated.  Still feeling a little sleepy – getting up every two hours doesn’t help.  Oh, something interesting is happening with this blog.  Apparently, I’m getting a ping from Indonesia… and they think I sell insurance.  Seriously, I can see where I am referred and one of those places is in Indonesia.  Hey – it’s a look.

Sorry if I seem a little out of it, as I mentioned I am going on an interrupted sleep schedule and no caffeine so far.  My job is also getting ready to start doing shift bids.  For those of you who might not know what that is, an explanation to follow:

In a call center, they have to be able to have people available during the busiest times (which they can predict with certain software.) to take calls.  Since these are fluid events, they need to be able to move people around as needed.  So, every now and then, they will put up various shifts in which they need people and tell their employees “Pick the 5 (or whatever amount they want – I worked in one place that made us pick all 35 shifts) shifts you want the most.”  Now, they settle everything out here by seniority, and if two people with the same amount of seniority, then it comes to Quality Assurance scores.  I am in the middle of the pack as it were.  However, I feel that I have a good schedule and I honestly don’t like that they’re making us do this when the simple solution is to hire more people and train them (right, for a pleasant change) and give them the underutilized times (mostly Saturdays) as their probationary period.  Before you say that training people is expensive, I will say this: that should have been anticipated.  If you want to complain about high turnover rate (out of my training class of 12 – only 3 remain), then the corporate culture needs to be addressed.  Honestly, the last call center job I had did shift bids that I hated, because I felt that spending time with friends away from work shouldn’t be an incentive.  So, with that being said, I am going to re-double my efforts to get a novel finished.  I see my current job becoming like my previous job.

So – I thank you for listening to this mild rant, and I hope to keep your attention for the next fifty posts.


Seething With Apathy

The Forty-Ninth Post: The One Where I Take A Break From The Idiots On The Haunted Island…

When I was little, I would go the library with my mom – unlike kids my age, I didn’t run off to the age appropriate area.  I ran towards the paranormal section – ghosts (loved the pictures!), UFOs, and cryptozoology – and the books that were written for adults.  Yes, I was a precocious reader growing up.  I rarely left the library with less than 3 books and two of them were always paranormal books.  I also picked up some physics, chemistry and psychology books because I wanted to be a parapsychologist.  Of course, when I was also little, I knew that I had to do something that would bring in money and this was long before the current wave of ‘ghost investigators’ shows popped up.  If I knew then what I knew now (isn’t that the story of my life?), I would have tried harder, got into Duke University’s parapsychological program and then got my own show.  Oh, well – better luck next time.  Is till try to catch Coast to Coast AM when they have stuff that I find interesting, but frankly; after Art Bell stepped away from the show it went downhill.  At least he comes back during my birthday week with GIS for some EVP… which never fails to both interest and terrify me.

I am taking a break from writing the script for the contest this month just to get some ideas together for other projects.  I have to get this script finished, then either try to finish up “I/O Error” or “Spooksayer” and get them to my editor soon.  I also learned something that might make me re-work either or both novels structurally here.  I recommend it and the site highly.  I know I passed the due date for both novels, and I feel kinda oily about it. So, I look at the layout of the plan and say ‘hi’ to becoming a TV widow.  Lea might be upset about me saying ‘hi’ to neglecting the TV with the US baseball season here.  Which reminds me, I need to get some tickets for our local baseball team.  They have a remarkable stadium that I’ll have to take pictures of and post them here.

I have also managed to survive the week of work, one down and twenty-eight more to go.  I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.  Oh, speaking of crying – unless I want to walk to and from work, I need to get the oil changed in my car.  It is an unhealthy tint.  I wonder about the nova event in the Variety newspaper at times.  Which leads me to this question: how many versions of “Snow White” are we going to have to endure this year… and other than the spectre of ‘public domain’ – why are there so many?  My personal theory is that the ultimate symbolism of Snow White – that which is dead (or seems dead) is brought by to life by the magic of the Perfect One.  Give what’s been going on, I can certainly see the power of that myth.  However, it is ultimately a myth.  Let’s face it, kids.  No one is going to save you.  You’re going to have to save yourself.

Easter is tomorrow, so to all my friends I say Happy Easter, Happy Ostara and Happy Passover.

Sleep well.


Seething With Apathy

The Forty-Eighth Post: The One Where I Try The Impossible…

… and try to type a blog with a tummy full of spaghetti.  When it comes to spaghetti, I’m like this perverse chipmunk.  I feel the need to eat more than I should just to make up for lost time.  Good think I didn’t have garlic bread, or I think I would have popped loud enough for the people in Lexington to hear it.

Well, work continues to be pain – the only thing that will lessen the sting is that I am going to have the weekend soon – a chance to get caught up on a couple of things I have put on the back burner for far too long.  Might even get back into finishing that Script Frenzy thing.  It’s different writing a script than writing prose.  In writing prose, I have to not only worry about conveying the scene and what happens as far as pushing forward the plot, but also choosing the right words to convey the emotional subtext.  With scripts, I just really have to get a handle of the words being spoken and describe what’s going on enough for the director to figure out what’s going on.  For me, it’s a different beast because I have to keep the flourish to a minimum.  It’s interesting, since I have to work on dialogue and that’s not (to me at least) my strong suite.

I got to drink some more absinthe yesterday – I really like the Gold 68 and when that’s gone, I think I might try some of the red absinthe – but those without the strong anise flavor.  I don’t mind licorice, but it’s not really the best thing in my drinks.  I tend to like my adult beverages on the sweeter side.  Absinthe (in my house) doesn’t get mixed with water and sugar, but with 7-Up which works well with the Gold 68 since it has a stronger citrus flavor to it.  Of course, absinthe is a sneaky drink.  You can drink a few cups and think nothing of it… then the next thing you know, you’re looking for your pants while telling your cat the rent’s due.

There’s that spider again.  He knows he owes me rent.  He’s avoiding direct eye-to-eye,eye,eye,eye,eye,eye,eye,eye contact.  I’m going to give him a week, then he hits the road.

OK – guilty pleasure time… there are a series of albums put out by Vitamin – they take metal bands and adapt their music for either violins or piano.  The song I am listening to now “The Trooper” and on the string quartet, it gets frantic and messy and I like it.  yeah – I’m also one of the few people who can claim the whole Apocalyptalica catalogue.  Sure, I like covers and instrumentals – it’s a different way of looking at things.  Give them a shot – Vitamin records.  I recommend Iron Maiden and Korn on the strings.  They have a nice and unhinged sound to them.

Well, I should get to bed, since I have to get up early for work, again… but I will be able to at least get some other work done when I get home.  Just lock myself in my study and write to my little heart’s content.

Good night to one and all.


Seething With Apathy

The Forty-Seventh Post: The One Where I Envy Insomniacs…

Here’s what happens: I get off of work and I go to the gym, where I walk briskly for an hour and come home.  I microwave my dinner, sit down in front of the PC and try to muster up the energy to get something started.  I end up changing my seat from the PC to the couch and I watch TV.  I know I should be doing something – even this blog is someway of keeping myself to a normal schedule – but when I get home and all the day’s events drain out, I find I’m just mentally exhausted.  It is certainly not a lack of desire on my part.  I know that getting something written is my ticket into the taxi that is going to get me to right side of Vine and Hat street.  I also know that the best way of getting to that is doubling down on more caffeine.  I already drink an outrageous amount of soda:

  2012-04-03 22.28.36   Those are 24 oz. bottles, that’s enough for Wed-Friday and all of next week.

I don’t have a problem… I can quit whenever I want.

I know if I drink another soda (or two or five) I’ll stay up with enough vim and vigor to get plenty accomplished… only to crash during work, and right now work is paying the bills.  So, my question is to all the people that are trying to break into something else – dance, music, writing, anything creative – and still have a day job.  What gets sacrificed?  Are you able to maintain a high level of quality at your day job, but the creative job suffers, or it is vice versa?

OK – enough of that.  I’m going to talk about something else and give my opinion about something.  In case you haven’t heard, The New Orleans Saints are in a bit of hot water.  Here’s what I have to say about that: so what?  You don’t play football at any level and not expect to get hit.  This is a violent game.  Now, do I agree with the incentive program?  Yes.  It’s a shame that it has to come to money, but if that’s what it takes in order to get your players to work to their fullest, then that’s what you have to do.  It’s not like this is the first time something like this has happened.  Heck, I remember Lawrence Taylor talking about this during his playing days, and he ain’t a young man no more.  Now, here’s the flip side to this: I also agree with how the NFL handled it.  If they want to stop things like this, they needed to make the Saints and their staff examples.  Is this going to solve the problem?  I doubt it.  It’s going to force it underground, but hopefully it’s also going to make the staff think twice on how badly they want that trophy.

Enough about sports.

I got to see another trailer for The Avengers – can’t wait for that (yes, I am a Marvel fanboy) and I saw the teaser for the Total Recall remake.  The jury is still out on that.  I heard it’s going to be more faithful to the source than the original movie (which I liked), but… well… I don’t know.  As much I am a fan of Phillip K. Dick… I have to wonder if there will be a movie that’s really going to do his work justice.  Personally – I am still holding out for a decent adaptation of The Man in the High Tower.

Well, I should stumble off to some guilty sleep.


Seething With Apathy

The Forty-Sixth Post: The One I’m Writing Because I Didn’t Win MegaMillions Either…

As my vacation draws to a close (because I was only 4 numbers off on my lottery ticket), I look back at the most exciting time in the past week: finally getting caught up on one of my favorite shows.  Yeah – I take whole ‘do nothing on vacation’ seriously.  I did get a new video card for the non-useful PC and a whole host of old games to play – even Wing Commander and Wing Commander II.  Note to anyone using this service: run your games as an administrator, you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache.

A spider the size of a penny just walked by my desk.  I think it owes me rent.

On the domestic front, I was able to get some old wooden shelves and reassemble into another set of shelves with some long wood screws and swearing… until I ran out of screws.  Tomorrow, I intend on getting more wood screws and some better, more colorful combinations for my swearing.  It’s odd to have something that I put together to actually stay together and to function as intended.  Of course, I haven’t put anything in the shelves, yet – so failure as an option remains on the table.  We will see what happens tomorrow.

I am also going to participate in something called Script Frenzy.  100 pages of a screen play in about 30 days.  I’ll give it a shot.  I’ve got some scriptwriting software, and most of the ideas I have could be just as easily translated into novel form or a screen play.  I might try doing “Zeno’s Calendar” since I have a script in my head.  The only one that I could do would be “After Ever”, but that has more of a serial feel to it.  Actually, I should do “Night of Life” and see if I can find someone to buy it.  I think I can stretch it out to 100 pages in script format.  I’ll have to take a look at the story again, but I think it can be done as a screenplay.  Who knows?  This might even be a better format.  Maybe I should try shooting it myself?

Well, I’m going to try read some more – maybe I’ll finally get to that book I’ve been looking to finish.  This week has just whizzed by for me in a pleasant way.  My next long vacation will be during the week of my birthday, in accordance to tradition.  I will be taking individual days off soon with the release of a couple of games, but I don’t take many vacations – got into that habit with my last job.  Whatever days weren’t used, they were cashed out a a part of the Christmas bonus, so I only took a week for with my birthday and got a heck of a holiday bonus.  With this company, what ever you don’t use is just lost.  I’ll tell you the other jerk move they made next time.  I should toddle off to bed anyways.

Good night, all


Seething With Apathy