The Forty-Ninth Post: The One Where I Take A Break From The Idiots On The Haunted Island…

When I was little, I would go the library with my mom – unlike kids my age, I didn’t run off to the age appropriate area.  I ran towards the paranormal section – ghosts (loved the pictures!), UFOs, and cryptozoology – and the books that were written for adults.  Yes, I was a precocious reader growing up.  I rarely left the library with less than 3 books and two of them were always paranormal books.  I also picked up some physics, chemistry and psychology books because I wanted to be a parapsychologist.  Of course, when I was also little, I knew that I had to do something that would bring in money and this was long before the current wave of ‘ghost investigators’ shows popped up.  If I knew then what I knew now (isn’t that the story of my life?), I would have tried harder, got into Duke University’s parapsychological program and then got my own show.  Oh, well – better luck next time.  Is till try to catch Coast to Coast AM when they have stuff that I find interesting, but frankly; after Art Bell stepped away from the show it went downhill.  At least he comes back during my birthday week with GIS for some EVP… which never fails to both interest and terrify me.

I am taking a break from writing the script for the contest this month just to get some ideas together for other projects.  I have to get this script finished, then either try to finish up “I/O Error” or “Spooksayer” and get them to my editor soon.  I also learned something that might make me re-work either or both novels structurally here.  I recommend it and the site highly.  I know I passed the due date for both novels, and I feel kinda oily about it. So, I look at the layout of the plan and say ‘hi’ to becoming a TV widow.  Lea might be upset about me saying ‘hi’ to neglecting the TV with the US baseball season here.  Which reminds me, I need to get some tickets for our local baseball team.  They have a remarkable stadium that I’ll have to take pictures of and post them here.

I have also managed to survive the week of work, one down and twenty-eight more to go.  I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.  Oh, speaking of crying – unless I want to walk to and from work, I need to get the oil changed in my car.  It is an unhealthy tint.  I wonder about the nova event in the Variety newspaper at times.  Which leads me to this question: how many versions of “Snow White” are we going to have to endure this year… and other than the spectre of ‘public domain’ – why are there so many?  My personal theory is that the ultimate symbolism of Snow White – that which is dead (or seems dead) is brought by to life by the magic of the Perfect One.  Give what’s been going on, I can certainly see the power of that myth.  However, it is ultimately a myth.  Let’s face it, kids.  No one is going to save you.  You’re going to have to save yourself.

Easter is tomorrow, so to all my friends I say Happy Easter, Happy Ostara and Happy Passover.

Sleep well.


Seething With Apathy