The Forty-Seventh Post: The One Where I Envy Insomniacs…

Here’s what happens: I get off of work and I go to the gym, where I walk briskly for an hour and come home.  I microwave my dinner, sit down in front of the PC and try to muster up the energy to get something started.  I end up changing my seat from the PC to the couch and I watch TV.  I know I should be doing something – even this blog is someway of keeping myself to a normal schedule – but when I get home and all the day’s events drain out, I find I’m just mentally exhausted.  It is certainly not a lack of desire on my part.  I know that getting something written is my ticket into the taxi that is going to get me to right side of Vine and Hat street.  I also know that the best way of getting to that is doubling down on more caffeine.  I already drink an outrageous amount of soda:

  2012-04-03 22.28.36   Those are 24 oz. bottles, that’s enough for Wed-Friday and all of next week.

I don’t have a problem… I can quit whenever I want.

I know if I drink another soda (or two or five) I’ll stay up with enough vim and vigor to get plenty accomplished… only to crash during work, and right now work is paying the bills.  So, my question is to all the people that are trying to break into something else – dance, music, writing, anything creative – and still have a day job.  What gets sacrificed?  Are you able to maintain a high level of quality at your day job, but the creative job suffers, or it is vice versa?

OK – enough of that.  I’m going to talk about something else and give my opinion about something.  In case you haven’t heard, The New Orleans Saints are in a bit of hot water.  Here’s what I have to say about that: so what?  You don’t play football at any level and not expect to get hit.  This is a violent game.  Now, do I agree with the incentive program?  Yes.  It’s a shame that it has to come to money, but if that’s what it takes in order to get your players to work to their fullest, then that’s what you have to do.  It’s not like this is the first time something like this has happened.  Heck, I remember Lawrence Taylor talking about this during his playing days, and he ain’t a young man no more.  Now, here’s the flip side to this: I also agree with how the NFL handled it.  If they want to stop things like this, they needed to make the Saints and their staff examples.  Is this going to solve the problem?  I doubt it.  It’s going to force it underground, but hopefully it’s also going to make the staff think twice on how badly they want that trophy.

Enough about sports.

I got to see another trailer for The Avengers – can’t wait for that (yes, I am a Marvel fanboy) and I saw the teaser for the Total Recall remake.  The jury is still out on that.  I heard it’s going to be more faithful to the source than the original movie (which I liked), but… well… I don’t know.  As much I am a fan of Phillip K. Dick… I have to wonder if there will be a movie that’s really going to do his work justice.  Personally – I am still holding out for a decent adaptation of The Man in the High Tower.

Well, I should stumble off to some guilty sleep.


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