The Forty-Sixth Post: The One I’m Writing Because I Didn’t Win MegaMillions Either…

As my vacation draws to a close (because I was only 4 numbers off on my lottery ticket), I look back at the most exciting time in the past week: finally getting caught up on one of my favorite shows.  Yeah – I take whole ‘do nothing on vacation’ seriously.  I did get a new video card for the non-useful PC and a whole host of old games to play – even Wing Commander and Wing Commander II.  Note to anyone using this service: run your games as an administrator, you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache.

A spider the size of a penny just walked by my desk.  I think it owes me rent.

On the domestic front, I was able to get some old wooden shelves and reassemble into another set of shelves with some long wood screws and swearing… until I ran out of screws.  Tomorrow, I intend on getting more wood screws and some better, more colorful combinations for my swearing.  It’s odd to have something that I put together to actually stay together and to function as intended.  Of course, I haven’t put anything in the shelves, yet – so failure as an option remains on the table.  We will see what happens tomorrow.

I am also going to participate in something called Script Frenzy.  100 pages of a screen play in about 30 days.  I’ll give it a shot.  I’ve got some scriptwriting software, and most of the ideas I have could be just as easily translated into novel form or a screen play.  I might try doing “Zeno’s Calendar” since I have a script in my head.  The only one that I could do would be “After Ever”, but that has more of a serial feel to it.  Actually, I should do “Night of Life” and see if I can find someone to buy it.  I think I can stretch it out to 100 pages in script format.  I’ll have to take a look at the story again, but I think it can be done as a screenplay.  Who knows?  This might even be a better format.  Maybe I should try shooting it myself?

Well, I’m going to try read some more – maybe I’ll finally get to that book I’ve been looking to finish.  This week has just whizzed by for me in a pleasant way.  My next long vacation will be during the week of my birthday, in accordance to tradition.  I will be taking individual days off soon with the release of a couple of games, but I don’t take many vacations – got into that habit with my last job.  Whatever days weren’t used, they were cashed out a a part of the Christmas bonus, so I only took a week for with my birthday and got a heck of a holiday bonus.  With this company, what ever you don’t use is just lost.  I’ll tell you the other jerk move they made next time.  I should toddle off to bed anyways.

Good night, all


Seething With Apathy

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