The One Hundred and First Post: The One Chockfull of Explanations

Some people may be reading this blog from my other social media site… and could be shocked over what they are reading – so, an explanation is in order.

When I started this blog two years ago, it was what would be called by Mike a ‘secret public journal‘ – I was giving voice to private feelings, grievances and joys while trying to maintain a certain level of anonymity. Hence why I rarely if ever gave names and places (except for that one time) that could be linked back to me (or, maybe more than one time). Certainly, there were some things that I have said that would cause other people to look at me differently, or not to look at me at all. If you read over the whole length of the blog, you’ll see that I start to come into my stride. It becomes less of an online bitch session – of which we know there are so few remaining in the world – and more of a reflection of what is happening in my life. Reading some of those earlier posts have made me realize that I have come a ways from what I used to be as far as being a blogger. Will I continue my upward spiral? I certainly hope so. Will have people along for the ride? That would be nice. Part of the reason I continue this blog is to keep myself motivated in the writing process I hope to make a living out of one day – captive audience and all that.

It’s 2 AM right now. I can’t sleep very well, and I thought I would use that energy to write this and maybe do some thinking about the novel. Once of the problems I am having is Anya running away with the whole darn thing. So, the solution is to write more about Rhona in is: especially the scene with the carnival and the final fight scene and the aftermath – especially the aftermath. When originally written, it was just with Anya and the Scholars – it would be more powerful if Rhona was in the Scholar’s Seat and speaking on Anya’s behalf. Anya makes several changes in the story, but Rhona stays Rhona, and I don’t think that’s really a good idea. Anya’s changes certainly make for some excellent drama; it doesn’t seem fair that Rhona kinda just blithely skips along. So, once I finish the pick-up chapter, I will go back and touch up some scenes – moving the expected date of completion from ‘the end of the week’ to ‘shortly before I die’… again. Not a complaint, but since this is going to be for all intents and purposes my first novel, I want it to be the best effort I can put forth. Of course, as I have been told ‘good art is not completed, it is abandoned‘ – so I expect to finish this thing and move on to the next one.

Well, I am starting to finally get sleepy – yes, I just accused myself of boring myself to sleep. I will trundle off to bed and try to get some more work done tomorrow.


Seething Apathy

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