The One Hundred and Third Post: The One Written Behind Enemy Lines Again

Hello all.  This might be a shorter than usual post, since I am writng this at work (hence the ‘behind enemy lines’ tag). I woke up this morning to Barky Bark and the Furry Bunch, tried to start something on my computer, but I was too tired, so I ended up taking a nap (remember when you were little and swore when you grew up you’d never take a nap?  Yeah, neither do I). After that, I had enough time to get showered dressed and get to work. When I get lunch, I’ ll upload this at a wi-fi hotspot.

I’m going to finish the novel this Saturday (I know, I’ve said that this before, but this time I mean it) since I’m almost done with one scene and have a major scene to write and a minor one to pad a little.

I’ve got to get this finished for the second best game coming out this year (hate mail from Borderland 2 fans in 3…2…1…).  Don’ get me wrong, I love the game but Halo 4 has got more of a story arc as far as I can ferret out from the promotional material


Well, I should wrap this up.  I gotta be nice… or fake it really, really good.

Seething Apathy

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